5 Smart Reasons to Start Your Food Storage Plan

Food storage does not have to be difficult. And it doesn’t have to consist of barrels of grain, powdered milk, and other random food that you fill up your basement with and hope it never see’s the light of day. Honestly, ask yourself: do you have a current food storage plan? If not, do you want to start one?

Food storage does not have to be difficult or full of food that you'll never use or eat. Click to read 5 reasons you need to start your food storage plan. #4 is almost guaranteed for everyone.

If you want to start building up a reserve of food but have no idea where to even begin, then I encourage you to take a deep breath and tell yourself “it’s going to be okay” (because it will be). For those who have no interest in food storage, I’m here to tell you that storing food isn’t difficult, nor does it have to be food you’ll never eat.

In fact, I encourage you to store food your family regularly eats. You don’t want to waste your money on food you’re never going to eat because you have no interest in that kind of food, or you don’t know how to cook it. Food storage doesn’t have to be difficult, it’s supposed to be a blessing during difficult times.

Today we will discuss 5 smart reasons you need to start your food storage plan. I also include easy tips that you can begin using today to help eliminate overwhelm.

5 Smart Reasons to Start Your Food Storage Plan

1. Emergencies

Emergencies can include random cravings from certain family members to your child ending up in the emergency room (especially right before dinner time – trust me, I know from experience, this isn’t fun).

When an emergency arises you want to be prepared for yourself and your family. If you store food your family eats, whether it’s frozen pizza, burritos, canned pears, etc. you won’t have to worry when those hectic nights pop up because your family will be fed.

2. Unemployment

Unemployment could be for a number of reasons, whether there is a job loss or a health issue arises. Without the additional earnings coming into your family’s budget, money can become really tight. Don’t stretch your pennies even further by adding groceries to the list.

If you plan and have a food storage in place in your home you and your family can eat off this food. Whether you eat and support your family with this food for three months to the full year, you’ll be glad you had it available to you and your loved ones.

3. Natural Disasters

When a natural disaster comes there will not be easy access to grocery stores. Natural disasters don’t have to occur in your area for your food storage to bless lives. There was a large fire spreading several hundred miles away from where my parent’s lived several years ago.

Local churches and city officials asked people if they’d be willing to contribute to help those in the affected areas. My parents’ had the means from their food storage to contribute to someone else’s needs. When the time comes for when you need your food storage you’ll be glad you have it.

4. Cold Weather

My sweetheart and I lived in Idaho for several wonderful years. We loved every minute of our time in that great state. But let me tell you, those winter months were unforgiving. Some of the warmest winter months that I remember was -30F (yes, negative) with an even lower windshield factor, plus the glorious (and freezing) mountain wind.

Combining all of these together made for a lot of “no-thank-you” mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Before the colder weather approached, we would add to our food storage so we weren’t pressed to go grocery shopping every week. Then on those “warmer” winter mornings, we would stock up again.

5. Added Guests

It’s easy to make food last in your home when you know how many people are eating your meals and when. But, add some surprise visitors, friend’s dining over or family visiting and your food seems to run out even quicker.

Having food storage as a backup plan in case your food quickly runs out before you get to the grocery store is a great idea. You will have the peace of mind knowing no one will go hungry. Not to mention all the money you will save from all of the grocery trips you didn’t have to take.

Do you have food storage? Leave a comment and let us know what were some of the first items you bought to start your food storage.

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