First Day of School – 6 Ways to Calm a Child’s Fear

Will your child be going to school for the first time this year?

Or are your kid’s experienced learners, ready to hit the books and be with their friends again? No matter your family’s situation, it’s pretty easy to find excitement running through the house on the first day of school.

(Perhaps more from the parents than the kids). 

There can also be a lot of fears and anxiety.

The first day of school can be scary for parents and children. There are 6 easy ways to calm a child's fear of going to school for the first time or returning for another great year. #4 is something you can do every day. Click to read and find your favorite idea!

New experiences are not easy for anyone, especially young children. The important thing to do as their parent is to first, love them. Then, read through this list and learn 6 ways to calm your child’s fear for the first day of school.

First Day of School – 6 Ways to Calm a Child’s Fear

1. Talk About Exciting!

Children are excellent at discerning the feelings of those around them, especially their parent’s feelings.

It’s important you take the time to daily express your excitement for them and the new adventure’s they will be having at their new school!

Be as specific as possible and do this a few weeks leading up to the first day of school. Some examples include talking about their new color pencils, crayons, certain children who will be in their classroom, going back to school shopping, and the different topics they will be learning.

2.  Walk/Drive Them to/from School

If you have the availability walk or drive your child to or from school, do it!

This will allow you additional time to speak with them and answer any questions that may be going through their minds. This is also precious time to discuss with them the events of the day, things they learned, friends they made, and other activities that occurred during the day.

3. Words of Affirmation

Children desperately want to be loved and know they are loved.

Express words of affirmation to them throughout this new experience. Take the time to recognize that this may be difficult for your child and express how proud you are of them for having the courage to continue forward.

Do not verbalize these words once but often. Children want to be treated with respect and will show their respect in return when they feel secure and loved.

4. Surprises during School

We all love surprises, and some of the best ways to secretly and quietly give a surprise to your child can be in their lunch sack or backpack.

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Write a note expressing your love for your child. I recommend putting the note in their lunch bag where you know they will find it.

I recommend putting the note in their lunch bag where you know they will find it. The backpack is a trickier place to put surprises because if they don’t go into a certain pocket, it might be days or weeks before they find your note.

5. Be There for Them

If your schedule allows you to be at home waiting for them when they come home, do it!

It’s so important to be available and willing to listen to how their day went. Be ready to provide kind words of counsel and advice, but more importantly, be willing to do a lot of listening.

6. Express Pride

#6 and #3 are very similar. Express how proud you are of your child, not just on the first day of school, but every day after that.

There are so many voices shouting at your children on what’s cool, what’s not, how to act, look, think, and these voices can be so overwhelming. Especially as they try to live a life full of virtue, courage, and honor.

This is why it’s necessary to be ready to build and maintain a lasting, open, and honest relationship with each of your children.

As you express your excitement for the first day of school, spend time by walking or driving them to school, use words of affirmation, leave them little notes in their lunch sack, be there for them when they come home, and express how proud you are of them, their fears will be calmed and you will strengthen your relationship with your children.

Do you have back-to-school family traditions in your home? Leave a comment and let us know!

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