God’s Grace (& Secret) to Help Mothers their Raise Children

God’s grace for mothers to raise their children on the right path is real. We can raise children righteously and with God’s help. As parents, we have no reason to be afraid. 

My husband was on spring break from his Master’s courses when we decided to take our children to see the airplanes at the Hill Air Force Base Museum. The day was perfectly beautiful and sunny.

Our 2-year-old son was lit up like a Christmas tree as he ran up to each airplane. You could feel his excitement as he shouted, “That’s my plane! That’s my plane!”

At first, I didn’t give much thought to what Winston was saying.

To be honest, he’s currently at the stage where everything is his and I usually find myself hiding behind the kitchen cupboard in an attempt to sneak a small snack so I won’t have to share.

God's grace for mothers to raise children on His path is real and He wants to help you. As a mother, you have no reason to be afraid, but can believe in God and trust Him enough to help you raise your children. Click to read God's secret on how mothers can righteously raise their children.

But something hit me that day. I thought about my little boy and how one day, he might be in one of those planes physically.

But, he will be the captain and pilot of his own spiritual plane.

I felt the weight of the responsibility of this little boy’s life and soul. Not only his but his siblings and those who will come after him.

Yet, in that moment there was a nudge from the Spirit reminding me of a truth that has already been taught. The story of the prophet Elisha came to my mind. 

God’s Grace (& Secret) to Help Mothers Raise their Children

Elisha was a prophet who helped the King of Israel win the war against the King of Syria. When the King of Syria found out about Elisha he was angry and sent his armies to surround the prophet in the night so they would be prepared to attack in the morning.

The servant of the prophet woke that morning in such a panic that he ran into Elisha’s tent and asked him what they were going to do.

As the Spirit continued to teach me, he focused and emphasized Elisha’s response. I’m sure the prophet smiled at his servant, knowing in whom his trust was already placed in when he prayed to open the eyes of his servant.

“And the Lord opened the eyes of the young man, and he saw…the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha.” (2 Kings 6:16-17).

We are not alone in this battle called life. As we do our best and endure in faith, no matter how small our faith may seem to us, the armies of heaven will always be there to help.

The Savior will always be there to help. God’s grace for mothers and fathers to teach their children will always be available.

I believe that if our eyes could be opened to see the help of those coming to our aid we would rejoice knowing that so many love us and desire for our welfare and protection. Not only ours but our children’s as well.

We would be humbled to know that God cares so much for the individual soul that he is willing to send an army for their protection. I find we would feel this even more so knowing that the one soul is us.

God did not send us to this Earth to fail. Although overwhelming and daunting as tasks in life might seem, we will always have heavenly help to come. As we do our best in whatever circumstances, God’s grace will always be there to make up the difference and help us along.

I knew more deeply on that beautiful sunny day the love the Lord has for my little boy and the care that the Savior is providing him.

Although we are responsible for training these precious children to navigate the roads of life and to remain spiritually strong and sin-resistant, I know the Lord will not leave us alone in this task.

I believe that if our eyes could be opened, just as Elisha’s servant’s eyes were, that we too would see the chariots of heaven racing towards us and our loved ones.

We would see them encircle us about and provide us with spiritual protection if we are willing to stay within their sphere of influence.

Hold on when you feel like letting go, keep moving when you feel like you can’t go forward, and I promise as you do what you can the Lord will be there to help you.

God loves you, the Lord loves you, and as you remain true and faithful to the Lord, heaven’s help will always be there to guide and protect you and your loved ones throughout your life.

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