How Home Faith Family Began

Have you ever felt like your faith, marriage, or family was falling apart? Are you looking for ways to spiritually strengthen yourself so you can give more to those around you?

Are you looking for ways to spiritually strengthen yourself so you can give more to those around you?

Do you want to embrace motherhood and love womanhood?

Well, my friend, you are not alone. There are so many, like you, in this amazing community who want to learn how to strengthen their home, faith, and family by living simply without losing quality, or their sanity.

Just know you’re in the right place.

How Home Faith Family Began

The purpose of Home Faith Family is to encourage women to embrace motherhood, love womanhood by living simply without losing quality or sanity while strengthening their most important relationships. 

I know that marriage can have difficult days, families fight, and faith is hard to keep strong in difficult times.

Knowing and experiencing these same things in my life gives me the desire to help and share what works for my family.

I want to help strengthen marriages, build family relationships, and renew or strengthen your faith in God so that the things in life that matter most can be protected and held close to your heart as sacred.

I want you to love being a woman and embrace motherhood, even through the crazy hair-pulling days.

Since Home Faith Family began, I’ve had many readers tell me what they love most is the weekly email of encouragement and inspiration that is sent out every Tuesday morning. (You can sign-up for our weekly newsletter HERE).

They also love that there is a way to build strong homes, family’s and strengthen their own faith without losing their sanity.

A Little More About Me & How Home Faith Family Began

My cookbook, “50 Freezer Meals: Easy Dinners for the Busy Family” began this wonderful business adventure. The adventures which led to the cookbook belong to my three children. They are the reason why I wrote my book.


After the birth of our daughter, Adalicia, my husband and I struggled with trying to find the new “norm” in our life. I was overwhelmed with being a mom for the first time, trying to meet my husband’s needs, household obligations, my self-care and needless to say dinners were placed on the back burner. Literally.

Through a lot of trial and error (and tears) we finally found our new norm and life seemed to be going smoothly again. We then became pregnant with our second child, Winston.

My sweetheart and I sat down and came to the conclusion the one thing that made life more manageable after our daughter was born: food.

I searched the web for “easy to make freezer meals” throughout the pregnancy. As the time for Winston’s birth drew near, we prepared several months worth of frozen dinners.

This experience was a night and day difference compared to our first child. Those freezer meals saved us and our sanity, not once, but twice with the birth of our youngest family member, Cornelius.

The One Thing You Need to Know about Home Faith Family

If there is one thing I want you to always remember: that is you’re not alone.

There are days when life will feel overwhelming to you. You will question if God is really listening to your prayers and if you’re making a difference in your family.

I want you to know (and remember) that you’re not alone. So many of us are with you on the same journey. I think you’d really enjoy being part of our growing community and would love for you to join.

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