How I Almost Didn’t Publish My Book (Part 1)

I feel very naked writing this personal story. I feel naked because once I share it, it’s here, out in the open for everyone. The experience I am about to share I learned a great deal about failure. It’s such an ugly word, isn’t it? Or at least, we make it that way.

This is my personal account of how I almost didn't publish my book, "50 Freezer Meals: Easy Dinners for the Busy Family." Click to read.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer, ever since I was a little girl. In middle school, I would write stories and ask my teachers to read them (and they would!). I was blessed to have such great teachers who encouraged me in this pursuit. I love writing and I love the places you can visit, the people you can create and meet. Writing has always been an expression of who I am.

The summer after I graduated from high school I used my time to write my first novel. I titled it, “A Beauty Among the Thorns.” Once the novel was written, I submitted the work to dozens of publishing companies with the same polite, “no thank you” response. Discouragement came, but I eventually tucked it away and focused on college. I decided I would work on it again some day.

That day came.

How I Almost Didn’t Publish My Book (Part 1)

Many years later I married and became pregnant with our first child. After holding Adalicia in my arms for the first time, I wanted nothing more than to be by her side and stay home with her as a full-time homemaker.

My only problem was my family depended on me for our sole income. My husband was still in school full-time, we had college loans to pay back, bills to pay, and the possibility of me quitting my job wasn’t in the picture.

It was around this time when I started doing research into ebooks and self-publishing. I thought, maybe if I put my novel on Amazon as a self-published ebook, I could sell enough copies to stay home with our daughter. Then, I could start my writing career!

So, I pulled out my laptop again, opened the file with my first novel, read through the pages and thought it was ready.

I put the book on Amazon, scheduled the ebook to go “free” to help encourage publicity and I waited. I told all my friends about it on Facebook, had tons of support, and thought this was an answer to my heartfelt prayers.

But I was dead wrong.

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