5 Reasons Why I Can’t Live Without iBotta

Who doesn’t love free money?

I would be shocked to find someone who wouldn’t take a free $5 if someone willingly offered it to them, no strings attached. I understand, you want to be polite and kindly refuse the money, but this isn’t the case. Let me introduce you more in depth to IBotta.

I love iBotta because, honestly, who doesn't love free money? Here are 5 reasons why I can't live without iBotta (and why you shouldn't be living without it either)! #2 will have you bringing in extra money. Click to read.

IBotta is a technology company connecting consumers (us) with retailers. Nearly every major retailer is using IBotta to attract buyers. Instead of working towards points or credits, cash is earned (or gift cards depending on your personal preference). It’s paid directly to your PayPal account.

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Let me tell you why I LOVE IBotta and 5 reasons why I can’t live without IBotta in my life.

5 Reasons Why I Can’t Live Without IBotta

Reason 1: Everyday Items

IBotta always has non-specific name brand items (such as a gallon of milk, dish soap, paper towels, and so forth) listed per store. Granted, I will be the first to tell you those no name brand items are worth anywhere from 25 cents to 50 cents (but those quarters add up fast!). The items also rotate through every week, so they are never the same.

Reason 2: Double Counting

IBotta has “challenges” you can complete depending on what items you decide to buy and how many items. For example:

Challenge 1: Buy any 3 items to earn an extra $1
Challenge 2: Buy 2 of x-product in the same transaction for an extra $3.

If you decide to complete “challenge 2” by purchasing 2 items from x-product and you happen to purchase a random third item: congratulations! You have now “double dipped” (or double counting as I like to call it) and completed both challenges. All of the challenges are connected together.

This is amazing because you can now increase your earning potential. The challenges also change per week (or per month), which also increases your earning potential. Fair warning: these challenges do have expiration dates.

Reason 3: Store Selection

Nearly every major store is on IBotta. You can search for grocery stores, restaurants, shopping centers, movie theaters, and the list grows by your location. So you always know which stores are participating in the IBotta program and what incentives they are currently offering.

Also, if you’re an affiliate with a store that has rewards cards, upload those to your iBotta app. You can store your loyalty card information in your IBotta app, and you don’t have to submit a receipt to prove you made those purchases. Your loyalty card talks to your app and verifies your purchases.*

*Fair warning: should you upload your store’s loyalty card to your IBotta app, you will want to “unlock” your rebates prior to going shopping. This is very important, DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. If you purchase your items and then unlock your rebates after your shopping trip, your loyalty card will not recognize you made those purchases. I learned this from personal experience.

So, first, unlock the rebates, then shop!

Reason 4: Deals Rotate and Change

Once a week is standard (especially for grocery items) for deals to change (usually Tuesdays or Wednesdays on Ibotta). I love the ability to select and shop the certain items I want. If you don’t like the rebates one week, wait and check back the following week. There will always be something new and different. IBotta is always taking surveys from their users. Take advantage of those opportunities and make your voice heard.

Reason 5: Teamwork

IBotta has another additional earning potential called “Teamwork” where you can build your own teams and work together redeeming rebates and earning more money. The bigger your team the quicker you can get through those teamwork bonuses and earn extra money.

If you haven’t signed up for IBotta and would like to join a team, please consider using my referral link below. By signing up you will receive $10 for free after you redeem your first rebate (pretty cool, right!?):

Plus, I would LOVE to have you join our growing community!

Once you start using the app you’ll not only have fun, but you’ll be surprised with all the money you can bring in as extra spending money for you and your family.

Leave a comment and share why you love IBotta, along with some of the favorite rebates you have redeemed.

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