10 Fun Summer Job Ideas for Teens

Do you have a teenager in the house counting down the days until summer vacation? Are you the parent counting down the days until school starts again? If you’re a parent who loves having their children home during the summer time, kudos to you.

10 Fun Summer Job Ideas for Teens | Do you have a teenager in the house this summer? These 10 fun summer job ideas for teens will give your teen a jump start to help them have a productive summer. Specialty jobs, or jobs for the entrepreneur, click to read.

Throughout my life, I’ve met the entire spectrum of parents and have listened as they’ve expressed their feelings about their children and the summer holiday time.

If you have a teenager who has summer plans to “hang out,” encourage them to work and earn some extra money. It’s never too early to save for college. These 10 ideas will give your teen a jump start to help them have a productive and fun summer.

10 Fun Summer Job Ideas for Teens

Specialty Jobs

1. Waiter/Waitress

There are tons of restaurants that hire more people during the summer months for two reasons. One, all of their staff is quitting to go on vacation. And two, people are coming from out of town to vacation and will be eating at their restaurant.

If you and your family are planning on staying home for the summer, encourage your teen to consider a job as a waiter or waitress. If they prefer not to interact with the rest of the world, there is always the possibility of busing tables.

This position would be perfect for teenagers who love to sleep in as late as they can in the mornings. They also need to have no trouble with staying up late, and fast-paced environments.

2. Lifeguard

If your teenager loves the pool and has met the requirements for certification, including their CPR card, encourage them to apply to the local community swimming pool.

Lifeguards need to be alert, specific to detail, and not easily distracted. I had a friend growing up who was a lifeguard every summer and he LOVED it! He would always tell me, “You’re paid to be at the pool, what’s not to love?!”

3. Student Aid

There are many summer school and student programs happening throughout the summer to keep children off the streets and to give them a place to go where they can be supervised and feel welcomed. Consider contacting the school district, city, or other organizations in the community to see which programs are occurring in your neighborhood.

Some summer programs last all summer. Other programs go for specific and set weeks. This is great for teenagers who have summer camp themselves to look forward to but still want to earn some money.

4. Cashier

The month prior to school getting out for summer (March/April) is when teenagers need to apply for positions at their local grocery store. This will give management plenty of time to look through the applications, do interviews, train, and put the new employee on a schedule.

Working for a store will allow the teenager to be social and interact with a diversity of people. However, be warned: as I’m sure many of you know, retail and grocery stores are always open. The hours might not always be the best and the teens may miss out on some fun summer activities if they don’t ask for the days they want off in advanced. This is something to consider.

5. Stocker

If your teenager wants very little social interaction but loves manual labor, have them consider being a stocker at their local store. (Again, have them apply in March/April). The majority of the time the hours are either really late at night or really early in the morning to avoid being in the customer’s way.

If your teenager is worried about stocking for an hour while the store first opens, I can promise you the majority of the customers who come will probably not be awake (yet). I’ve spent many mornings at Walmart at 5 a.m. to quickly get the grocery shopping done without my three little ones following me.

The stocker’s who are finishing their work are the friendliest workers I meet. Sadly, I’m still half asleep and want to “grab-and-go” with my groceries.

For the Entrepreneur

6. Lawn Care

Encourage your teenager to create a personal business. He/she can do this with their other siblings or a group of friends.

Before pursuing this option, make sure all of the necessary equipment is available and in proper working order. They will also want to be particular with details. Your teen will also want to advertise specifically what lawn care will be completed and what the going rate for their time will be.

7. Babysitting

Is your teen the one all the young children flock to at family gatherings or community events? With so many parents still needing to work during the summer, a lot of kids are at home. Have your teenager consider running a babysitting service.

He/she can discuss days, fees, location, and all the details with you and with other parents. Remind your teenager not to invite more children than they can handle. A group can always combine forces together (for example ten children and three teenagers for the entire time).

8. eBay/Etsy Store

If your teenager is more inclined to being crafty, encourage them to open up their own personal business. There are a lot of great resources on the internet that will answer any questions they have about starting up an Etsy shop. (Consider reading this article I wrote about starting a home business). If this endeavor is as successful as they want, this could be something that may continue after the summer is over.

9. Blogger

Please note, blogging is not easy money. Nor does money come right away. However, if your teenager loves writing, photography, and wishes to express themselves through this mean, encourage them to start a personal blog.

There are a ton of great resources out there to help them with this and as they continue to work on their blog and content, they will be starting and maintaining a personal business that will open up a lot of doors for future opportunities for them.

10. Housekeeping

Pull out those yellow rubber gloves and get scrubbing! Housekeeping is an undervalued employment opportunity because EVERYONE needs to clean house and many, frankly, don’t have the time to do some really deep cleaning.

This position could also last past the summer if your teenager is willing to dedicate a Saturday to maintaining their business. They need to decide what they will be willing to clean (and won’t clean) and at what price.

Whatever your teenager decides to do, I hope they find joy and fulfillment in doing so. I promise work is hard, but it’s also rewarding and fun.

What job did you have as a teenager? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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