Superhero Piggy Banks for Kids

You’re going to LOVE these superhero piggy banks for kids! Why? Because you will begin to relieve one of the biggest financial headaches as a parent: teaching your child to save their money.

There is nothing we want more as parents than to see our children happy, thriving, and successful. We want them to understand the value of credit cards, make saving money fun, and not see them travel down the road of debt.

My husband and I are always encouraging our children to save their money. We are open with them about our family’s finances. There are times, especially when we are out grocery shopping and they ask for ice cream for the hundredth time, we have to tell them “no because we didn’t budget the money this trip.”

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(This is usually when my inner-child has to fight the temptation of agreeing with my children and shouting, “okay, let’s get the chocolate blaster with marshmallows and caramel!”)

Even though we try to teach our children to save their money and they have their own piggy bank, we were humbled on a warm summer day.

We were out taking a walk to the nearby grocery store, enjoying the cool air before the heat became unbearable. On our walk, our daughter found a penny on the ground. She was jumping with joy at this little penny.

We said, “That’s so exciting! I bet you can’t wait to put that penny in your coin jar.”

Her response, “Mom, I’m going to Disneyland!”

(We’ve now switched our tactic of “saving money” in general to “saving money for Disneyland.” She now thinks she will be moving into their giant castle when we go…)

No matter who your favorite superhero is, where you’re at with teaching your children about finances, I hope you find these superhero piggy banks for kids (and adults) helpful. I hope they help with encouraging savings, help to develop a love for learning more about finances and help to make savings a family-wide event.

Do you want to encourage your child to save their money? Help them become excited about saving money with fun superhero piggy banks for kids. With numerous options, there is something for everyone. Click to find your favorite!

Superhero Piggy Banks for Kids

The superhero piggy banks below were the best of what I was able to find. No matter if you and your family are Marvel fans or part of the Justice League, I hope these piggy banks provide a desire to start saving money. 




How do you encourage your children to save their money? What has worked (or hasn’t) for you and your family? Share in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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