Taking Care Of You On A Budget: 7 Free Tips

Life can seem very overwhelming some days. The kids are fighting, you feel pressure to meet deadlines, and the house is a mess, work isn’t going as you expected (to name a few things).

Life can quickly become overwhelming. This is why taking care of you is so important. Here are 7 free tips for taking care of you on a budget. #1 and 4 are my personal favorites. Don’t wait to find out. Click to read.

You feel like life has dumped a load on your shoulders and walked away waving goodbye with a glowing “good luck” smirk you really want to smack off.

And that’s okay.

Through all the chaos that life throws at you there is always one person who gets neglected. You.

You put those in your life first, their priorities and deadlines, the house and all of the responsibilities that it entails, and those things are great. But eventually, things start chipping away at you and you’re left feeling a bit alone and unsure. For as much as you invest in others, you also need to invest in yourself.

Some days will be easier to take care of yourself than others depending on how much time you spend on certain activities. However, there are 7 ways you can take care of you today. They don’t take a lot of time and they can be done in less than 10 minutes. Are you ready for them?

Taking Care Of You On A Budget: 7 Free Tips

1. Bath Time

Some of my favorite times relaxing are spending fifteen minutes or so after the children have gone to bed and taking a hot shower. There is nothing so therapeutic as letting the warm water run down your back. Take the time to turn on a hot shower or run yourself a hot bath. If you feel like spoiling yourself more, add bath bubbles or scents into the water.

2. Deep Breaths

Take a few deep breaths to relax your mind and prepare for the days adventures. If you find yourself in the middle of the day about ready to burst then remove yourself from the situation (if you can) and take a few deep breaths before going back into the room.

As a young mom, I always worried about my children seeing me stressed, frustrated, upset, or disappointed. I want them to have the “happy” mom who loves life and loves every moment with them.

One day I finally told my (at the time) three-year-old daughter, “Mommy is very sad because …” and she made the connection to the emotions and came over to give me a hug. My heart melted and since then I express my feelings with them and they express their feelings to me.

3. Hide for 5

Hide for 5 has turned into a game in our house. Here is how you play. You announce you’re playing “hide for 5” and mom runs to hide somewhere in the house. (Think reverse hide-and-seek). The kids wait until they think 5 minutes has passed (or until they count to 10) and they come find you. It actually started off as a joke but the children LOVE it!

4. Turn On Your Favorite Song

Turn on your favorite song and sing along. You can play your favorite song from your music list, pull it up on YouTube, the possibilities are endless. In fact, in my YouTube account, I have a folder of music with “mom’s favorite songs” and “kids favorite songs” for when I need them quickly.

5. Read an Affirmation

When I was in 7th grade my math teacher had each of the students write one thing they admired about each classmate. It was completely anonymous and it had to be meaningful. He collected them and at the end of the year gave each student an envelope containing these affirmations. I still have my envelope.

There is one affirmation where someone wrote something very tender. It was something I didn’t think anyone noticed or even cared. This was nearly 15 years ago and it still means so much to me.

Gather your family and friends for an activity and give everyone an envelope and a list. Have them write something that they love about each other. Do this so you have them for those days when you need to be reminded that you have worth and what you’re doing is important.

6. Write an Affirmation

Write an affirmation about yourself. What do you love about yourself? If you have a hard time thinking of something then step outside the box. If you were another person and knew you as a family member or friend, what would you love about you? Be generous with your thoughts as we tend to be our own worst enemy.

7. Believe in You

Believe that you have the power within you to know that you are someone worthwhile. You are special to so many, even though some days it might not feel like it. And believe that you have the capability and capacity to chase your dreams and do the impossible. You have it within you to do great things. Believe that you can get through the toughest trials and come out conqueror.

As you take care of you and provide yourself with the needed mental, emotional, and spiritual nourishment you will find peace in your hearts. The day will still be crazy, demands will still come, but you will have the capability to do all that you need.

What do you do to take care of yourself? Leave a comment and let us know.

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