10 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her Under $5

Are you on a budget this Valentine’s Day? Here is a list just for you, 10 Valentine’s day gifts for her under $5. Why did I make this list?

Are you on a budget for Valentine's Day this year? These 10 Valentine's Day gifts for her under $5. You can be sweet to your sweetheart while still maintaining a budget. This list provides easy, romantic ideas while being affordable. Click to find your favorite.

Because I remember my first Valentine’s Day with my husband. We were celebrating our 3-month wedding mark and we were broke college students.

We lived in a little basement apartment and our grocery budget was $25 a week for the two of us. I knew we were not going to have any extra money for Valentine’s Day that year.

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And as nice as the shiny expensive gifts are, we were okay with being creative because some of the best gifts we can give come from these types of moments.

Although the list is not inclusive, the prices range from $0-$5 and are specific for her (You can read my Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him Under $5 right HERE)! In the meantime, enjoy the list!


10 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her Under $5

  1. Make an “I Love You” jar: supplies needed include, a mason jar (or another container), paper, and pen. Cut the paper into 3″ x 4″ squares and write all the many things you love about your sweetheart.
  2. Create a pillow from a t-shirt you don’t wear anymore (that you know she loves but can’t wear). The only cost you’ll need to worry about is the pillow stuffing. (Check out the above link for instructions on how to make this pillow for your sweetheart).
  3. Give her a copy of your favorite book (your copy or you can purchase a copy at your local used bookstore) and write her name, the year, and one reason why you love her.
  4. Create a book of memories. You can do this by purchasing any notebook and writing down your thoughts about when you first met, the first time you two held hands or kissed. Write about different adventures you’ve been on together and focus on why you love her so much.
  5. Give her one rose instead of a dozen. Sometimes the most beautiful things can be said by one thing (such as a rose) rather than a dozen times in a dozen ways.

  6. Draw her up a bubble bath and give her some time to soak in the tub. You can also turn on relaxing music for her to listen to during her bath.
  7. “You’re a Catch” baseball. Purchase a baseball and write down all the things you love about her (you’ll need to use a permanent pen to successfully write on the baseball). Then attach a note that says, “you’re a catch.” This will go over really well if your sweetheart really enjoys sports.
  8. If she loves scented candles you can purchase her favorite scent. Or to prevent her from lighting matches, consider purchasing her a candle warmer and have her favorite candle warming for when she comes home from the day.
  9. If she loves painting her nails, there is a color changing nail polish for women. Each bottle is under $4 and the colors are beautiful (to make it easy, pick her favorite color or a color she uses often on her nails).
  10. Purchase a small treasure chest and inside write the note “you are my greatest treasure.” You can also include a list of the beautiful gifts she gives you every day by her being her.

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