10 Crazy Easy Tips for First Time Craft Vendors

www.HomeFaithFamily.com would like to welcome our guest blogger and contributor, Madison Resare.
Madison is a stay-at-home mom, freelance writer, and entrepreneur.
You can learn more about Madison and her jewelry business
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These crazy easy tips for first-time craft vendors will eliminate stress and help place you on the right path to having a rocking successful event! #'s 7 & 8 are a must! Click to read.

One of Micah’s earlier blog posts describes different at home business ideas. After reading through this great post I realized that I could elaborate and give some tips on “Idea Number One: Creative Craft.”

I recently started my own jewelry business and it’s been a lot of fun finding ways to make money with that skill.
One way you can make money through a craft is by signing up to be a vendor at events like craft shows, fairs, holiday bazaars, etc.

I was a vendor at my very first craft fair a few weeks ago and even though the event was not very well attended, I learned A LOT about some basic tips for other first-timers out there. I would like to share them with you.

10 Crazy Easy Tips for First Time Craft Vendors:

1. Help Advertise

My first craft fair was a bit of a let-down because the weather was awful and it was not well-attended. The general consensus of the other vendors and volunteers was that the fair was not very well advertised. Before any event, you should help advertise as much as you can. Whether it is through Facebook or word of mouth – every little bit helps!

2. Prepare a Professional Looking Display

No matter what kind of business you have, no matter what you are selling, you need a professional looking display. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy super expensive pedestals, props, or lights. All it means is that you need to spend some money on your display and you need to get creative.

For example, for my display I use a black cloth to cover my table, my own personal necklace display holder and earring display holder – both look professional because they were black to match the table. I also use a picture frame stand to hold up the price sign, and a black cloth to cover some small boxes at varying levels to use as shelves.

The biggest display piece I actually made myself – and it was completely ghetto rigged! I stapled black cloth to a cardboard stand then used push-pins in the back, (along the top) and hung my necklaces from them. It worked great because the front was completely clean and professional looking, while the back was – let’s just say – not.

3. Take Pictures then Blog about It

Take pictures of your set up, of other vendors, and things going on at the event and then blog about it. You can learn from writing about your experience and it will also give you some great material for your blog.

4. Track Every Sale

Every time you make a sale – write down what you sold and how much you sold it for. Tracking your sales will help you keep an eye on the money you earn as well as give you some needed insight into your clientele. You learn what ages and genders your product appeal to, you learn which products are popular and which ones are not, and you learn what people like and what they don’t like. All of this information can help you in the future.

5. Greet Your Potential Customers

Standing instead of sitting is a great way to meet, greet, and interact with your potential customers. During my first fair, I was not able to stand because I had to take care of my one-month-old baby at the same time and I was still in recovery from delivery.

It took a lot out of me just to sit for a long period of time, so standing was not an option. However, I learned that eye contact, a smile, and a short exchange of pleasantries is a great way to greet people as they walk by your booth and most people were very nice and polite in return.

6. Showcase Your Businesses’ Name with Signs and Business Cards

If you want to grow your business and your brand you need to get your business name into the minds of more than just your family and close friends. Showcase your businesses’ name by printing business cards, flyers, and a nice sign on the table during your event.

7. Provide an Easy Way for Customers to Transport Their Purchase

Buying something and having to carry it to your car without a bag or other safe means of transportation can be annoying. Provide an easy and safe way for your customer to transport their purchase. This will allow them to keep the item safe and continue to shop if they so desire.

8. Price Every Item

Even if you have a sign that lists the prices, customers will ask about the price of every product so just price each item individually.

9. Do not Use a Tablecloth that is Too Short

My tablecloth was too short – it didn’t reach the floor and I think it would have looked more professional if it did. You can also hide your personal items, supplies, and extra products under the table if customers can’t see underneath the tablecloth.

10. Be Open to Price Negotiation

People like to haggle, decide ahead of time how low you will go on each item and what kinds of deals you are willing to make.

As you help advertise, prepare a professional looking display, take pictures and blog about your experience, track your sales, greet your potential customers, showcase your business, provide easy ways to help customers transport their purchases, price your items, using properly equipment, and be open to price negotiation you will have a craft vending experience that will be crazy easy.

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