6 Steps to Accomplishing Your Goals

Are you struggling to accomplish your goals? Do you feel great when you start and then life happens and it seems like your goals is a distant memory in the past?

These 6 steps to accomplishing your goals will put your feet on the right path. You will have the edge you need to start and finish any goal you set for yourself. #6 is one you can't afford to miss. Click to read the list!

Do you ever want something so badly you will do anything? At first, your motivation is great and the first few days are a blur of activity and excitement. Then, life happens and it seems like your goal was a distant memory in the past.

These 6 steps will put your feet on the right path to accomplishing your goals. You will have the edge you need to start and finish any goal you set, however, it’s all up to you and how badly you’re willing to work for it. #5 is a must do!

6 Steps to Accomplishing Your Goals

1. Define, Define, Define

Define your goal and be as specific as possible. For example, saying: “I will make a million dollars” won’t be as achievable as saying, “I will make $500 this month by selling X, Y, and Z, on (insert place where you are going to focus on selling your items).” The more specific you are, the more achievable your goal will become.

2. Write and Review

Write your goal down on several pieces of paper. Put them in locations where you know you are going to see them throughout the day. For example, great places include the refrigerator, the bathroom mirror, on your nightstand next to your alarm clock or cell phone, or on the front door. Read your goal whenever you’re near these places.

If you’re more technologically savvy: have your goal set to your lock screen so you see it every time you look at your phone.

3. Ask the Tough Questions

Ask yourself in the morning: what am I going to do today to help me accomplish my goal for the week/month/year? In the evening before going to bed you can ask yourself: what did I do to help bring myself closer to my goal? What can I do better tomorrow? Write these questions and answers down in a notebook so you can create a checklist for yourself and visually see what you’re trying to accomplish.

4. Small Steps

After setting your specific goal (in our example, we decided we were going to make $500 this month by selling items), set smaller goals (goals within goals). Strive to make $125+ a week to reach the $500 monthly goal.

Decide on when you want to post your items (in the morning, evening, weekend etc.) and what websites (Craigslist, Facebook Yard Sale groups, the local newspaper, eBay, etc.). Also, be specific with what items you’re deciding to sell. Are you decluttering your home, or are your items going to be homemade?

5. Continue Pressing Forward

Be patient with yourself as you do your part to reach your goals. Your hard work will pay off in time.

If you don’t accomplish your goals at first, regroup and refocus your goals. Just like building a tower, one block must be laid down at a time, and if you want your goals to carry you forward, a solid foundation must be built first.

6. Accountability

Hold yourself accountable for how you managed your time and whether you accomplished your goal or not. Have someone you trust help hold you accountable.

Tell one (or more, depending on your needs and the relationship you have with others) about your goal and report to them your progress on a weekly (or daily) basis. People want to help if they’re asked and given the chance.

As you define your goal, write it down, ask yourself the tough questions, take small steps, continue pressing forward, and hold yourself accountable, you will be able to accomplish any goal you set.

Do you have any tips for setting and accomplishing goals? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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