DIY Beauty and the Beast Party Ideas – Part 1

Are you wanting to plan a princess themed party for your little girl? Are you looking for Beauty and the Beast party ideas? You are in the right place!

Are you wanting to plan a princess themed party for your little girl? Are you looking for Beauty and the Beast party ideas? You are in the right place! Part 1 will cover all you need to know about Beauty and the Beast invitations and decorations. You can easily do it yourself without breaking the bank. Click to read and start planning.

Planning a party for your little princess should be enjoyable. She’s growing up and it’s normal for you to want to create memories for her.

Yet, there is so much information on “planning the perfect Disney Princess party,” especially when planning a Beauty and the Beasty themed party that it’s okay to feel overwhelming stress.

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I don’t want you to feel this way though, I want you to enjoy the time you have with your little girl. So, I went ahead and found you the best of the best in ways of ideas and shopping supplies to make this party a reality. Even on a tight budget.

In Part 1 of this tutorial, we will discuss preparing and planning for invitations and decorations. Part 2 will cover all you need to know about food ideas and games. Finally, we will finish in Part 3 with prizes & gift bags, and thank you cards without breaking the bank.

Without further adieu, “Be Our Guest” in reading through the list to start planning your party!

DIY Beauty and the Beast Party Ideas

1. Invitations

There are several options for invitations and it’s a matter of personal preference and how much time you want to spend on this section.

For Belle and Beast themed invitations:

For DIY invitation ideas:

If you’re wanting to decorate your own invitations then you will need the following:

  • Cardstock gold papercardstock yellow paper, cardstock white paper – I recommend cardstock instead of standard paper because the invitation will be firm and easier for little hands.
  • Clipart of Belle to include on your invitation.
    • A great deal of the images come from where you can easily download a variety of images.
    • Other ideas to consider: the Beauty and the Beast theme colors include: yellow and blue. You could do some fun things with polka dots, font colors, and more.
  • The Information you’ll want to include on your invitations:

    • Your child’s name (& age they’re turning)
    • The purpose of the party (i.e. a birthday party)
    • Day, date, and time of the party
    • Include the location and name of the place (i.e. Emma’s house at (address) ….)
    • RSVP information
    • Dress code (if you’d like the guests to dress a certain way)
  • Envelopes – A7 size, is one of the most popular invitation envelope sizes. This size fits standard 5 x 7 cards and comes in a variety of colors.


2. Decorations

A great place to start decorating is where the food will be held and any other table(s) that the guests will be sitting to eat or do crafts.

For bright, eye-catching themed table clothes you will want to stay with the color yellow (especially for a Belle focus party). I would encourage you to put a white plastic tablecloth underneath and then the yellow on top for a double-layer effect.



Center Piece

You can add the center piece at the main table where you will be placing the food and/or on the other tables as well. If you have some flower vases already at home, I would pull them out, wash them, and put them to good use (to save you more money).

Supplies needed:


For Belle and Beast themed eatery:

For DIY eatery:

I know this can seem like a ton of information, even being broken down (hence why this post is split into 3 parts). But once you decide if you want to spend extra and order specifically the Disney themed items or if you want to do it yourself, you will eliminate the majority of your stress.

I will strongly encourage you to include members of your family to help you with writing, planning, and preparing this party.

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What type of party is your child wanting? Or what are they looking forward to the most at their Beauty and the Beasty Party? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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