Create Professional Business Cards Using Canva & GotPrint

I recently attended my first blog conference. Prior to the conference, I wanted to make sure I was doing everything to prepare for this event. I came across several articles where I read online, “order business cards, order business cards, order business card.”

Do you want to create professional business cards using Canva? This tutorial will walk you step-by-step on what you need to do and what you should NOT do. Click to read your free tutorial.

And so what did I do? I went to my friend and used their business template to create some amazing business cards.

Under the “Marketing Materials” section there is an option to create your own business cards. I clicked and went to work.


Several hours later (after researching different styles of business cards, things I like and don’t like, playing with fonts, QR codes, and asking for friends and family’s opinions) I fell in love with my design, colors, fonts.

I saved my file both as a JPEG and as a PDF – print (Canva offers PDF print and PDF standard. Always select the “print” option when saving PDFs for higher quality and resolution).

So I went to to place my order. I selected their business card, filled out my quantity (I’ll show you how to do this below) and this is what I saw:


(This is not my business card by the way).

I was devastated that my business card Canva template wasn’t talking to GotPrints business card uploader program properly.

Then I thought, I’ll upload my PDF – print version!

This was better but it still wouldn’t work because of the bleed, trim, and safe lines.

For those of you who don’t know me well yet, rest assured, I’m a stubborn woman. I don’t take the answer “no” very well.

I began playing with Canva’s “custom dimensions” option and found the perfect size! Please let me save you from pulling out your hair when you decide to create professional business cards using Canva. 

This will save you a ton of time, energy, and sanity.

Create Professional Business Cards Using Canva & GotPrint

You will want to first open your web browser to In the top right corner, there is an option to select “custom dimensions.” Click on that option and make sure the measurement is in “px” (pixels). This is the default size so it should already be set, but double check just in case.

The pixel size you will want to type into the width is: 1238 and the height: 697.

Custom Size: 1238 x 697 pixels

Design your cards to your heart’s content. It’s a personal choice if you want a front and back to your cards or just a front side with the back side being left blank.

If you decide on a front and back side design (such as mine) you can easily create a second page in your 1238 x 697-pixel template. You will need to remember to save both pages as two separate files.

On the front side of my business card, I placed my blog’s name, the website, my name, my email address, and a head-shot of me.

I wanted the front to be simple yet informative. And, I will strongly encourage you to put a picture of yourself on your card as well.

You’re going to be meeting a ton of people in your line of work. When you’re handed a business card without a face it’s going to be very difficult to remember the person. But if you have a face to see, it’ll be easier to recall them, the conversation and experience you had with them.

The backside of my business card I added a QR code so people can scan and go straight to my website (they are free to make and are easy to create: I made mine at QR Code Generator). I also added my primary social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest).

The social media logos are in and you can customize their color per your brand.

Now that your cards are created in Canva, , what do you do?

I highly encourage you to save your business card file in Canva as a JPEG AND as a PDF-Print.

Remember, if you create a front and back to your business card, you will need to save each side as a separate file.

Once your files are saved you’ll want to head over to and select the “Business Cards” option and “Upload Your Own Design.”

You’ll want to fill out the above information: size, paper (I love their 14 pt. Gloss Coated Cover – it gives your business card a sturdy and professional feel to them), color, and quantity.

You will also want to select the “Instant Online Proof” so you can see your cards right away. It’s your choice on how much you want to pay for shipping and the method.

When you’re ready to upload your business cards, select the “Upload Front”/”Upload Files” (depending on if you’re ordering one side or both sides).

This is important and is key to the success of your business cards:

You need to pay attention to these three lines:

  1. Bleed (black outer line)
  2. Trim (the pink center line)
  3. Safe (the blue dotted line)

When you use the pixel size I encourage in this tutorial, your business cards will upload and look like this (but with your design):

Notice how this size only goes to the “Trim” (pink) line. This is what you want, it’s a perfect fit. Anything past the trim line will be cut off.

If you love how your card looks and want to place your order, enter your information and wait for “the email.” will send you an email (within the first 24-hours) to ask you to confirm your order because your design doesn’t go to the “bleed” line.

(I received this email relatively quickly. GotPrint has great customer service and they won’t have you waiting forever to put your order through).

You’ll want to open and read the email, and then log into your account and click “confirm, process order” to send the order officially to the printing press.

I remember doing this and thinking, “oh I hope they turn out and there are no white frames.” You can ask my sweet husband how much of a nervous wreck I was waiting for my business cards.

When my business cards came in, I tore open the box and this is what I saw:

There were no white spaces anywhere along the edges.

They came out PERFECTLY!

If you want to save yourself a ton of money by designing your own business cards then these steps will help you in your pursuits. You can create professional business cards using Canva. . And I wish you the very best as you design your business cards for your business.

Please leave a comment and any advice you might have to share, especially with ordering business cards, different design sizes, and company’s you’ve ordered from. You can do so in the comments below.

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