21 Fathers Day Gifts Under $15

Finding a Fathers Day gift is easy, but finding the perfect gift on a budget might prove a little more difficult.

As a side note, there are so many cute homemade ideas that you can do when there are small children in the home. If this is your case, and you can survive your children playing with glue, scissors, and paint for 20 minutes (kind of scary to think about, right?) here is a list of some adorable ideas from Tip Junkie.

If you’re looking for a gift that doesn’t involve you repainting the house and cleaning up tons of scraps of paper off the floor, then you’re going to LOVE this list of Father’s Day gifts.

Father's Day gifts shouldn't be hard to find. These 21 Fathers' Day gift ideas are budget-friendly (under $15) and will help you buy your favorite man a high quality gift without breaking the bank. As a BONUS we've included some gag gifts to make Dad laugh. Click to read and find his favorite Father's Day gift this year.

The best part about this gift list shows that you can give a high-quality Father’s day gift while still staying in budget.

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Towards the end of this list of Fathers Day gifts under $15, I’ve also included a BONUS section of gag gifts to make dad laugh (or possibly love and wonder how he ever lived life without it).

21 Fathers Day Gifts Under $15


These shirts are hands-down hilarious and are perfect for both Dad and Grandpa. Look through and find the perfect one based on your favorite man’s personality.


These are definitely gift ideas for the sentimental man (or to keep Mom happy – as my husband always says). If you choose to do a sweet book, make sure to compliment this Father’s Day gift with something he can use in his toolbox (keep reading to see more Father’s Day gift ideas).


From tactical pens, a rechargeable flashlight, to a credit card survival kits. Everything in this section is items you’d most likely find in your favorite man’s toolbox.


The “Dad’s Favorite Sayings” cup is definitely one of my favorite gift ideas in this blog post (see below). Grab his favorite cup, fill it with some pre-packaged hot chocolate (or his favorite drink), wrap it up and let him enjoy his new gift.


As a side note, although the above gifts are currently under $15 (as of today’s date), some of the gifts in this bonus section might be over the $15 threshold.

Whether your favorite man is manly, sentimental, (a sentimental-manly man) as big as a grizzly bear or relatively close, I hope you’re able to show him how much you appreciate him this Father’s Day (and all the day’s after).

Leave a comment and let the community know what has been your favorite gift you’ve seen for Father’s Day, or perhaps your favorite gift you’ve given to your favorite man.

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