Free eBooks in Exchange for Honest Reviews: 3 Websites

Do you love to read books but don’t think your bank account can handle it? Trust me, I understand completely. Going to the library can also be difficult with small children when you’re trying to find a book for you. Plus you have to worry about returning it and late fees, among your other responsibilities.

Do you love reading ebooks? Here are three websites who give readers free ebooks in exchange for honest reviews. Click to read.

If you do love to read and are interested in reading free ebooks in exchange for an honest review, I have included a list of 3 websites where this is a reality. I am thrilled to be able to share this with you and hope these sites help in your endeavor to read and expand your knowledge.

Free eBooks in Exchange for Honest Reviews: 3 Websites


There is a 60-day deadline after receiving your copy of the ebook to post your review. Potential books to review are listed on the website. However, if you want to be informed of available ebooks right away, you can sign-up for their mailing list.

This site asks that reviews be (on average) 5-sentences long. They stress the importance of reviewing the book not the reader’s opinion of the author. (More of this information can be found on their website).


The OnlineBookClub has a review requirement of 400 words and 5 paragraphs. Sign up is free. There is no deadline to get the reviews done (so you can take as long as you need). If you become a frequent contributor then the potential for paid reviews becomes a reality (after an extended period of time).


When you sign up for ChoosyBookWorm you can decide what genres you are willing to read and review. Your reviews are to be left on Amazon. Sign up is free and instructions are included in each email you receive for every ebook.

Do you know of any other websites where you can download free ebooks in exchange for an honest review? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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