10 Healthy Microwave Recipes for Dinner

When was the last time you had to cook a meal without an oven?

Usually, the idea of making a meal in the microwave leaves people cringing because we start thinking of unhealthy foods. Frozen corn dogs, instant noodles, and other quick and easy meals that probably have no nutritional value.

But there is the possibility of saving money when you make a delicious (and healthy) microwave meal.

Truthfully this post came about because my husband is away for a month to prepare for law school (we will be joining him very shortly).


The place where he is staying only has a microwave and a mini-fridge.

I know my husband (and maybe you can relate because yours is the same way), but I know he will end up eating microwaved noodles if I didn’t write this post.

Are you looking to save money on dinner? These 10 microwave dinner recipes are healthy and will save you money on your grocery bill each month. It's time to save money, cook easy meals, and eat healthy again. Click to read and find your favorite recipe.

Honestly, I know we’ve all been in situations where we had to go without an oven at some time in our lives. We might have been in college, staying overnight in a hotel, or perhaps you’re trying to survive the hot summer heat and don’t want to warm up your home with the oven.

Whatever your situation is, I hope you find the following recipes delicious, easy, and healthy.

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10 Healthy Microwave Recipes for Dinner

1. LowCarbYum.com has an amazing three-ingredient cauliflower mac & cheese meal that you can make in under 4 minutes. This recipe is for one serving (so if there is more that you, plan accordingly).

2. Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? The thing I love most about this 2-minute omelet in a mug from DashingDish.com is the simplicity of the meal and the options Katie gives if you want to personalize your omelet.

3. Did you know you can cook a spaghetti squash in the microwave!? JoyfulHealthyEats.com shares a parmesan herb spaghetti squash you can make in the microwave. As a fair warning, this meal will take a total of 20 minutes to make, but the pictures look delicious! You’ll need a 13×9 glass microwave safe baking dish to make this meal complete.

4. If you want to make good use of the 13×9 pan you used with the spaghetti squash (see #3 on this list) then you’ll not want to miss this 10-minute gluten free enchiladas from FlippinDelicious.com. Instead of trying to figure out how to cook raw chicken for this meal, consider purchasing a rotisserie chicken and shred the cooked meat.

5. If you’re wanting a dinner to warm you up then BiggerBolderBaking.com has the perfect loaded baked potato soup recipe. All you need is the ingredients, your appetite, and you’ll be eating this delicious meal in less than 8 minutes.

6. TasteofHome.com has an easy and quick meatloaf recipe that you can easily make in your microwave-safe mug. This recipe makes 1 serving and uses only 1/4 pound of beef (so plan accordingly).

7. Some days, just a quick and easy macaroni and cheese meal will make about anyone happy. TheKitchn.com provides an easy recipe with basic ingredients you’ll find in your home.

8. If you’re looking for something more colorful, consider steaming vegetables in the microwave. Babble.com provides easy to follow instructions on how to make a plate of delicious steamed veggies in the microwave.

9. For a healthy crunch to your meal, these microwave sweet potato chips are perfect and super easy to make. TheBittenWord.com provides some ideas for adding a bit of flavor to your chips (such as rosemary).

10. If you’re craving pizza and you don’t want to spend the time making your own homemade one, BiggerBolderBaking.com has an easy mug pizza. Instead of putting pepperoni on the pizza, replace the meat with bell peppers for a healthier crunch.

No matter your situation (if you’re away from home or looking for an easy recipe to survive another day), I hope you enjoy these healthy microwave recipes for dinner.

Leave a comment below and let us know what microwave recipe you love to make (for dinner or another meal).

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