3 Secrets for Improving Your Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships are hard.

I admire the couples who can thrive on distance and still strengthen their marriage and relationship with each other. There is so much we can all learn by watching these couples and taking note of what they’re doing right.

For those, like me, who are in a long distance relationship and find it difficult to have their better half hundreds (or even thousands) of miles away, I want to share with you 3 secrets my husband and I have learned.

If truth be told, the physical distance of the couple is irrelevant. It’s the emotional distance of a couple that will need your attention and nurturing.

If a couple is emotionally struggling in their relationship, then the relationship is going to suffer. Yet, there is always a way to strengthen your relationship with your sweetheart.

Maintaining a long distance relationship doesn't have to be hard. Here are 3 secrets for strengthening and improving your long distance relationship, especially when you're married. Click to read this marriage advice from someone who's been there before.

When my husband and I were engaged we maintained our relationship via long distance for over 6 months.

Now, with three children, there are times when he needs to leave us for a period of time for his profession. The longest we’ve had to share him as been over a month and 1,500 miles.

For those who are married with children, these secrets for improving your long distance relationship are going to make the real difference in still being happy in your marriage. So, let’s dive in and talk about them.

3 Secrets for Improving Your Long Distance Relationship

1. Always Communicate

Always be communicating with your partner via phone calls and text messages. Something that has worked amazingly well for my husband and I are to text throughout the day, have a family call in the evening via FaceTime or Skype, and then have a “date-night” call in the evening.

For text messages throughout the day, we talk about our day, what’s working great and crazy things the kids are doing. We send each other our successes and struggles so we know how we can support each other.

During our family call via FaceTime or Skype, the children are able to see their Dad and we have a family prayer together. This has been so important, especially where our children are really young. They know that Dad is far away and that he loves them and is still part of our family.

And having the date-night call in the evening is a time for us to have more of an adult conversation about our feelings and expressing our love for each other (without being body-slammed by our two-year-old or having a baby screaming in our ears).

2. Send Pictures

Text pictures of yourself smiling and happy. This isn’t to say to your partner, “look how much fun I’m having without you!”

On the contrary.

Sending pictures of yourself or the kids playing at the park, watching a movie at home, or just living your daily life shows your partner that life is still moving forward.

And as life moves forward and you allow him to be part of the daily, mundane things, he will know how to jump back into his role at home because he won’t be wondering what everyone’s been doing and how he fits in.

You’re still including him in the day-to-day activities and making him feel like he’s with you, even though he’s currently not.

3. Always Remember

Always be thinking of your partner constantly in your mind and in the actions you do.

Just because he’s not physically present with you, doesn’t make your relationship not meaningful. The value and meaning in a relationship come from both people putting forward an effort to make the situation work as best as possible.

So act the way you would if he were standing right next to you. Hold onto your relationship with each other tightly and make it an utmost priority. And above all, never let anything, or anyone, stand between you two.

As you take the time to communicate with your partner throughout the day, send each other pictures by letting each other into the day-to-day parts of life, and always remembering what your relationship means to both of you, you’ll begin to improve your long distance relationship and ultimately strengthen your love together.

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