5 Incredible At Home Business Ideas Examples

Have you ever thought “I want to start a business from home” but you aren’t sure where to start? Many of us have been there. Granted, the idea of starting a business from home is almost romantic, but, by no means is it going to get anyone “quick rich.”

Do you want to start an at home business but aren't sure what to do? These 5 incredible at home business ideas examples will help you choose which at home business is right for you. Click to read.

Working from home is a long term investment and takes dedication, perseverance, positivity and hard work than any other start-up you will do outside the home. Why? Because you are the boss.

You set the rules. No one will come shake their finger at you if you’re five minutes late to your desk. Hours can be random, long, hard, demanding (heck, you’re the CEO of a business, what did you expect!?)

You set the standard for your home business. You determine your businesses success. Today we discuss 5 incredible at home business ideas examples. These ideas are not inclusive but will help you decide what type of business you want to start. Remember, the key is to love what you do.

5 Incredible At Home Business Ideas Examples

Idea 1: Creative Craft

Do you enjoy designing, crafting, making or creating? Do you love to put your sewing machine to good use, overuse your glue gun, or find yourself drawing and designing possible ideas? Then a creative craft might be for you. The possibilities are endless in regards to where to sell your goods.

Some ideas are to design your own website and sell your products, Etsy, local farmers markets, trade shows, or stores accepting independent venues, just to start.

I have a friend who LOVES making wreaths. She makes them as gifts for the holidays or birthdays. Eventually, she became courageous and sold them on Etsy. She made a little over $3,000 in six months time doing something she loves!

Idea 2: Virtual Assistant

Are you keen on details, dates and have the networking abilities where becoming a virtual assistant is a possibility according to your time and schedule? Being a virtual assistant requires a great deal of time. Some weeks you won’t have a lot of work and others you might feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

The possibility of starting your own business is common, or you can be hired with an already established company. Click here to read more about what it takes to become a virtual assistant and how you can get started.

Idea 3: Financial Planner

If you are meticulous about details, especially with money, then consider starting up a business being a financial planner. You don’t have to be a personal banker and focus solely on someone’s personal finances. You can also consider helping businesses with payroll, investments, retirement, savings, educational opportunities and teaching moments for credit cards, student loans, interest rates, and so forth.

Idea 4: Selling Goods/eBay

Do you find that your closets are becoming “stuffed” and you’re ready to throw everything out? Do you feel the only reason you have a house is to keep all your “stuff” and that it’s no longer a home? I think it’s safe to say, we’ve all been there on some level.

Instead of throwing everything out, consider selling your items on eBay, Craigslist, or other websites. The key to making this business successful is great pictures and great descriptions! Make sure your lighting is reasonable, plenty of pictures and be VERY transparent.

The more honest you are in your work the more customers you will retain. This business is also a great idea if you love shopping at thrift stores/yard sales and have a great eye for a bargain. You can purchase items for a few dollars and turn around to sell them for more to make a profit.

Idea 5: Freelance Work

Do you love to write, draw, paint, or express yourself in any creative manner? Consider doing freelance work. There are dozens of websites dedicated to partnering freelancers with companies who need specific work to be done.

You can create a website and design a digital portfolio to highlight your work for potential clients. If you love to write but don’t know where to begin, consider doing a blog! (Yes, you can blog a book!)

The key to an at home business is to find something you’re passionate about. Your passion has to motivate and drive you and your businesses success.

Have you started an at home business? Leave a comment and let us know how you chose your profession? Or, let us know what keeps you motivated in your business.

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