Want A Thriving Business? Focus On Creating An Avatar!

Whether you have a blog, Etsy shop, sell on eBay, or run another type of business, creating an avatar will be one of the best investments of your time.

Creating an avatar will be a game changer for in creating your brand and business. By creating an avatar you will significantly increase your businesses productivity and growth. Click to read how easy creating an avatar is and to download your free Avatar Workbook.


When you create an avatar, you’re creating a potential client that you can specifically focus on and serve. With a specific person in mind you can make better decisions about the topics you will write about, products to sell, and other key marketing strategies.

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Let’s focus on 5 basic key elements of creating an avatar, and why these things are needed.

Want A Thriving Business? Focus On Creating An Avatar!

1. More Than Demographics

An avatar is more than a fictitious character’s name, height, age, hair color, yearly income, and marital status. Although these things are important, an avatar is someone you’re going to help make come to life. They are going to become a real person.

The purpose of creating an avatar is to focus on that specific person in all of your business and marketing decision. It’s been said that if you create for a general audience you write to nobody, but when you focus on a specific person, you write to somebody.

2. Name Your Avatar

Help your avatar come to life by giving him or her a name. Then, refer back to them as often as possible.

If your avatar’s name is “Nancy,” ask yourself, what does Nancy need help with this week or month? You can help guide and base your blog posts off this question. Also, what products would help “Nancy” eliminate stress or provide happiness for her?

3. Likes/Dislikes

It’s important to understand your avatar’s likes and dislikes. Are they allergic to certain foods or chemicals? What are their opinions about certain brands or products?

In their personal life, how do they feel about their relationship with themselves, their spouse, and children? What do they wish they could change about themselves? Their situation in life?


4. Fears

Does your avatar want to create their own business but can’t find the time? Or lack the confidence? Are they afraid of heights or dislike trying new things? Perhaps there is something else that is keeping them up at night. How can you help him/her with these fears?

5. Dreams

What does your avatar want for their future? Their family’s future? Is there a family member or friend they long to visit with but can’t due to time and travel constraints? What help keeps them motivated and going every single day? Do they want to work from home, or earn more money?

These 5 elements barely begin to scratch the surface of an avatar you can help create. By downloading the FREE avatar workbook, I will walk you through step-by-step on creating your ideal avatar and client. This will ultimately help you focus on your business and its growth.

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