10 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him Under $5

Are you on a budget this Valentine’s Day? Here is a list made especially for you! 10 Valentine’s Day gifts for him under $5!

Why did I make this list?

Because I remember my first Valentine’s Day with my husband. We were celebrating our 3-month wedding mark and we were broke college students.

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We lived in a little basement apartment and our grocery budget was $25 a week for the two of us. I knew we were not going to have any extra money for Valentine’s Day that year.

And as nice as the shiny expensive gifts are, we were okay with being creative because some of the best gifts we can give come from these types of moments.

Although the list is not inclusive, the prices range from $0-$5 and are specific for him. You can access the, “10 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her Under $5″ by clicking HERE. In the meantime, enjoy the list!

Are you on a budget this Valentine's Day? These 10 Valentine's Day gifts for him under $5 are fun, romantic, and will not break your bank. Click to read and find your favorite item!

10 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him Under $5

  1. For the rock-star in your life who plays the guitar, I’m sure he doesn’t love to lose his picks. Consider customizing his guitar picks with cute phrases such as, “I Pick You,” “I Love You,” or engraving his name. (Click here to order and customize 6 of them).
  2. Is your sweetheart a Star Wars fan? You can purchase him a Star Wars Mug or a Yoda phone case with the note, “Yoda one for me” attached.
  3. Purchase a “Fill In The Love” book and write your answers (thinking of your sweetheart) according to the questions you’re asked in the book. Another alternative is to purchase a basic notebook and list all the things you love about your sweetheart.
  4. For your man who loves (or has no other choice) to wear ties, this silver stainless steel tie bar clip looks professional without busting the bank.
  5. Make him heart-shaped sugar cubes for his drinks and attached a sweet note that says, “I Heart You Always.” You’re going to need sugar, water, and an ice cube tray (preferably in a cute shape).

  6. If you consider yourself really crafty, make him a keychain holder. The DIY tutorial HERE is for a badge but this can easily be applied your keychain. Aside from fabric scraps, a hot glue gun, and other basic things, you will need some Fray Block.
  7. Do you have a Superhero fan? These 5-piece Super Hero & Avenger keychain mini figures are adorably-manly. Superhero’s include, Captain America, Iron Man, Batman, and more!
  8. Some men are cat people, and if this is your sweetheart, he’s going to love the “World Domination For Cats” pillow. If he’s not a cat-person, then the “Love XOXO” pillow is just as adorable for him to snuggle or rest his head on.
  9. To strengthen your bond and relationship ask each other questions from “201 Relationship Questions: The Couple’s Guide to Building Trust and Emotional Intimacy.” There is an overwhelming number of positive reviews from couples who said this book helps with communication and building a deeper bond.
  10. Make an “I Love You” jar: supplies needed include, a mason jar (or another container), paper, and pen. You will want to cut the paper into squares and write what you love most about your sweetheart on each square. Roll the paper up, tie a ribbon or string around it and place the paper in the jar.

Leave a comment and let us know what your favorite Valentine’s Day gift has been that was under $5. 

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