The Best Christmas Books for Kindergarten Children

From classic stories to newer titles, there’s Christmas books for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners on this list.  Which means there’s something for everyone that will help bring the magic of Christmas to life for your family!

Even though the dinosaurs are excited, they also have to try to calm down and behave so they can go to sleep.

This book is about two mice named Itsy and Bitsy who go on a journey to find the new King who is coming to Bethlehem.

Charlie's mother tries to make a deal on a special silver Christmas tree, but her plans go wrong.

This book is a great choice for a ballet lover who wants to experience the story of the Nutcracker in a beautiful and unique way.

The snowman comes to life in his dreams that night, and the experience is something neither he nor young readers will forget.

This book is about a boy named David who tries to behave during Christmas, but sometimes gets into trouble.

Siblings lost in a forest find an enchanted church with singing stained-glass windows that tell Bible stories.

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