Free & Festive Christmas Mad Libs Printable

These Christmas Mad Libs will be our family’s go to printable this season (you can download your own copy by clicking the link below):

What Is Christmas Mad Libs? Christmas Mad Libs is a fun topic with a series of words and phrases. These words and phrases are then turned into a funny story.

How Do You Play Christmas Mad Libs? Christmas Mad Libs is a simple game for anyone in the family to play. You can play by yourself, in pairs, or in teams.

If you want to play Mad Libs in a group, here’s how you can make this season memorable for all:

1. Have everyone choose a sheet of paper and a pencil/pen from their Christmas mad libs kit. Depending on how old your kids are, you may need to help them with this part.

2. Go around in a circle and read the story. You can do this by yourself or all together as one large group.

3. As each blank gets filled in, write down the word/phrase on the sheet of paper.

4. The person who was given the finished Mad Libs will read it aloud for everyone to enjoy! Everyone has fun, and this makes it a great game for everyone.

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