158 Fun Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions

Looking to add a little humor to your Thanksgiving celebrations with some light-hearted engaging would you rather questions this year?

Perfect for getting the conversation flowing, these fun conversation starters will have everyone swapping stories and laughing out loud in no time. So, gather your immediate family around and get ready for some good ol’ holiday cheer with these delightful Thanksgiving questions!

Would you rather go backpacking or go on a road trip during Thanksgiving break?

Would you rather go out shopping on Black Friday or stay home and relax?

Would you rather eat an entire pumpkin pie or a pumpkin cheesecake?

Would you rather have a formal dress code or a casual atmosphere for your Thanksgiving meal?

Would you rather have a giant turkey or a small turkey with other meats?

Would you rather have a pumpkin-flavored or apple-flavored dessert?

Would you rather have a traditional Thanksgiving party or have everyone around the family dinner table?

Would you rather attend a Thanksgiving school play or visit a large group of your relatives?

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