5 Free I Spy Valentine’s Day Printables For Kids

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How Do You Play I Spy Valentine’s Day? The object of the game is to find all the items listed at the bottom of the page. My younger kids love coloring the pictures on each page, where my older kids will color and count the number of each item and write the number in the box.

You’ll find a variety of fun I Spy printables featuring different themes such as dinosaurs, hearts, sweet treats, animals, and love notes.

Can I Spy Activities Provide Educational Benefits for Children? Yes! Using learning sheets like this I Spy printable is a fun way to develop your child’s visual discrimination skills, pattern recognition, and fine motor skills.

But this themed color worksheet will brighten anyone’s mood.

Let’s Make These Printable Activities Last Longer One way I have found to save my time (and sanity) is to laminate pages I know will be well loved by all of my children. This way, they can use their dry erase markers and when they’re done I can just wipe down each sheet and reuse the pages every year.

This cute printable will make anyone in your home smile.

Now that you know what I Spy Theme pages are waiting for you, why don’t you give this activity a try with your family?

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