Light the World 2023 + Free Printables & Ideas!

Light the World is a global initiative from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Each year, the LDS Church creates an interactive experience to help people get involved and give back. Here are some (FREE) ideas and printables you can use this holiday season.

50 Ways To Share Your Light They include...

1. Laugh with a friend 2. Call someone you miss 3. Carry an extra snack to share 4. Smile at a stranger 5. Text a photo & share a favorite memory 6. Let someone be kind to you 7. Help a loved one clean their home 8. Hold the door open for a stranger 9. Pray for someone by name                         And more...

Gather your family together for a fun round of Service Cube, a creative way to pick your family’s next service idea.

Send someone a letter in the mail. Let them know they aren't forgotten.

Make this season extra special by sending letters of love and gratitude to brighten someone’s day!

Read the Christmas story in Luke 2 together as a family on Christmas Eve.

For more ideas and to grab these awesome FREE printables, just click the button below: