20 Hottest Elf on the Shelf Return Letter Ideas

You can have your elf use this apology letter to the family for being away so long with their matching elf friends.

Your new elf can share this note of encouragement to your family as you prepare for Christmas. You’ll find words of support and positivity while your family enjoys this season despite any challenges you may be facing right now.

This fun elf letter is the perfect way to show your children appreciation for welcoming an elf into your home for the first time.

Ready to introduce a fun family tradition or two? Your elf will help you make these activities even more special and exciting for your children.

When you use one of these cute letters you can encourage your child to pick a New Year’s resolution.

Have your elf friends leave the ingredients for a delicious treat your family can bake together.

Your elf can encourage your children to create a Christmas countdown chain!

As a final Elf on the Shelf tradition, your elf can suggest going on a holiday lights tour in the neighborhood to see the beautiful decorations.

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