Writing a Book: 10 Ideas to Successfully Decide on a Topic

I firmly believe that everyone has a story inside of them. And that story, if people are willing to share, can change the life of another person. We all have life experiences and know enough about something. Wouldn’t it be great if we were more willing to open up and share our knowledge with other people?

Have you always wanted to write your first book, but aren't sure where to start? Maybe you feel "I don't have a story in me, I have nothing valuable to say." Don't worry, you can share your story and you do have something valuable to say. These 10 successful ideas will help you discover the topic of writing your first book. Click to read.

As an author, I am asked a lot of great questions. There are two questions that are very common. These questions are, “how do you get published” and “how do you come up with book ideas?”

I want to share with you the answer to the second question first, and then I will answer the first question. The ideas I will share with you will successfully help you in writing a book.

Writing a Book: 10 Ideas to Successfully Decide on a Topic

1. List Questions

What questions are people always asking you? I know this is a very broad question as I’m sure you are asked multiple questions each day. I want you to do an activity to help with this id. For the next two weeks, I want you to write down every question anyone asks you. Especially the mundane, boring, and weird questions. Leave none out.

After two weeks analyze your list and see if you notice any patterns. Do people ask you for cooking or parenting advice? Maybe people come to you to know how to fix things or possibly life skills.

2. List Careers

For this idea, I want you to sit down and write out all the career’s you have held and your job title. Then briefly write down your experiences, lessons learned, skills acquired. Leave nothing out. Again, see if you notice a pattern.

Perhaps you’re a daycare worker and you noticed children become sick at a specific time during the year. You can write a book helping parent’s to prevent their children from getting sick. Or perhaps you’re a real estate agent and homebuyers are asking the same questions. You can write a book answering your top 10 questions.

3. List Top 5 Lessons

Once you write down your most popular thoughts, narrow down your list to your top 5. From your top 5, you can decide what you feel needs to be shared with the world. I want you to gauge this decision based on the passion you feel towards the subject you’re thinking about writing.

4. What Do You Love?

What do you love to do? If you can’t answer this question, then ask this question to your spouse, best friend, or parent. What do they see you often doing with your time? How you spend your time is a great indicator of what you love to do.

For myself, I love my family. This is why I choose to be a stay-at-home mom. 99.9% of my day consists of taking care of my children and husband. I write because family is important to me and sharing the joys, stresses, and tears in this journey called life is part of growing together.

5. What Are You Really Good At?

This is the expert syndrome hack. What is it that you’re really good at? Are you super amazing at cooking, perhaps a specific cookbook is something you would love to write about? Do you often find yourself giving advice to others? Then you can entertain the idea of writing life skills or coaching book.

6. List 5 Exciting Adventures

Make a list of 5 of the most exciting adventure’s you have been on in your life. Then list the 5 most recent and exciting adventures you have been on. This should give you 10 adventures and it’s okay if this list overlaps with each other. After the list is made, complete step 7 below.

7. List Lessons Learned

Take your adventure lists and write down all of the lessons you learned from each adventure. Some of your lists might be longer than other’s and that’s okay. Write down all you can remember from pre-trip planning, during the trip, and post-trip recovery. What common themes occurred for you during these trips? What life lessons did you learn?

8. Numbers Game

People love numbers. It’s better to say “10 Easy Hacks for Discovering Topics to Write Your First Book” than “Discovering Topics to Write Your First Book.” The more specific you are with your list and what you can offer, the more likely people will be to read your book.

9. What is Your Purpose?

Ask yourself, what is the purpose for writing your book? Or better, why do you want to write your book? If your sole purpose is to make money, then I’m sad to report, you will end up very frustrated. If you’re wanting to help a specific group of people with a common problem, then great, you’re heading in the right direction. It’s important to have a passion for what you want to write about and share with the world.

10. Organize, Begin!

After you write everything down make sure you go through your scattered thoughts and paper messes and organize them. With all of your jotting down and brain dumps you should not be surprised if you find ideas for two, three, or even four books.

Once you decide your book topic, the next best thing is to decide how you want to publish your book. Do you want to go through a traditional publisher? Or would you like to self-publish your book? I highly encourage you to seriously study your options.

No matter how you decide to publish your book, the important thing is that you do. You have a story to share and your story could be the answer to someone else’s question.

Have you thought of writing a book? Leave a comment and let us know how writing a book would make a difference for you in your life.

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