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Thank you, friend. Your freebie is on its way to your inbox.

You’re being sent a list of fun activities for creating happy memories with your family.

Now, let’s remember them with your new “My Family Journal” you can update from your phone or tablet!

This is a digital product.
You will only see this page one time, so be sure to grab your journal today!

Do you want to remember all of your favorite family moments without trying to find time to sit and write in a physical journal?

The “My Family Journal” is PERFECT for busy parents who want to record their family memories from the convenience of their phone, tablet, or desktop.

Each page in this PDF is specially designed to be editable, so you can record your new favorite family memories with the touch of a button.

Inside you will find:

  • Let’s Create Memories Together: 16 writing prompt questions to guide you through recording some of your most precious family memories.
  • Shared Memories: Helpful guide in sharing and comparing family moments between you and your spouse/child.
  • Monthly Calendar: Edit your monthly calendar to record family birthday parties, outings, or other special occasions.
  • Remember This! You will also find writing prompts to help guide you in recording your family outings, vacations, and silly moments, so you don’t miss a memory.

Hurry, this journal will return to its original very soon!