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Let’s do a dive deep into your marriage with our interactive “Strengthen Your Marriage ” Workbook!

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100+ conversation questions for couples!

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Inside this interactive marriage workbook you will find:

  • Date Ideas Without Leaving Home: You’re going to LOVE these fun, affordable, and creative date ideas you can do at home. No more trying to figure out the “perfect” date for your night in. Instead, you can pick your favorite idea from a premade list and have one of your best date nights yet.
  • Communication Traps Couples Make (And How To Fix Them): This printable will walk you through the top 5 mistakes couples make in their communication and how to avoid these pitfalls. You’re also going to love the interactive worksheet that will help you identify your own communication traps and how to fix them in your marriage.
  • Couples Inventory Worksheet: A couple’s inventory is a time when both spouses can come together without any distractions and openly communicate. This interactive worksheet will help you and your spouse reconnect each week as you discuss your weekly wins, fails, and any concerns you need to address in your marriage.
  • Couples Financial Budget Sheets: Tired of the stress that comes with his and her bank accounts? Or, are you looking for an easier way to go from “your money” and “my money” to “our money?” Then you’re going to love making financial decisions as a couple as you create your family budget, make important decisions together (such as how much money you’ll put into savings/towards debts) and MORE.
  • His & Her Expectations Worksheet: A successful marriage is built on trust and love for your spouse. Knowing this, it’s important you and your spouse openly communicate your expectations with and for each other. Knowing your spouse’s wants will help eliminate possible arguments, increase your communication, and allow you to feel confident in the relationship you and your spouse have together. This interactive workbook will walk you through specific situations such as, “will you attend church together,” “what meals will you eat together,” “do you ever feel too busy to invest in (your) marriage” and more. There is a place to list the husband’s answers and the wife’s answers.
  • Couples Goals Worksheet: Why should you have goals as a couple? Because you cannot expect to grow together if no effort is being made. This worksheet will help you identify your goals as a couple by day, week, and year.
  • Marriage Care Tips: These marriage care tips are designed to help you and your spouse strengthen your relationship on a daily basis. When you feel like your marriage is hitting a rut, or that you’re having a difficult time loving your spouse, you have access to 4+ pages of care tips to give your marriage the jumpstart it needs to keep strengthening your relationship.

I want to give you the chance to take your marriage to the next level of unity with your spouse (created by someone who’s been married for nearly 10 years).

This is a digital product.

Hi, friend! I’m Micah Klug and I’m so happy you’re joining me today.

When my husband and I were first married we thought we could take the, “We will figure this out as we go” approach and be perfectly fine.

Oh, how wrong we were!

Marriage is such a joyous experience, but the struggles don’t have to be as hard or as heartbreaking as they can quickly become.

And This is why my husband and I want to share the same marriage workbook we use to strengthen our marriage with you!

This is a digital product.

I’m so excited for you to start strengthening your marriage.