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Authoritative Parenting To Grace

Before you read my story you need to understand that the authoritarian home I was raised in wasn’t my parents fault.

They did their best with the knowledge and resources they had at the time, given that they were raised in similar home conditions.

I do not fault or blame them in any way.

In fact, I love them.

Micah Klug as a child wearing a red sweater.

Raised In An Authoritarian-Style Home

You see, I was raised in an authoritarian-style home where rules and expectations were set out by my parents from a very early age.

You can call this militaristic if you’d like, but I quickly learned that I needed to comply with specific expectations and there was very little grace for mistakes, because none was shown or taught to them in their youth.

This type of parenting style isn’t uncommon, but it doesn’t necessarily lead to happy and secure children.

In fact, I often found myself questioning my choices and feeling an underlying sense of guilt for not doing what I was told.

Although my childhood family had difficult days, we also created some of the sweetest memories together out of love.

I will always be thankful for the lessons my parents taught me and the lasting impact it has had on my life today.

Because Relationships Are Complicated

I’d be lying if I said I never had any issues related to my past.

But what helped me most was my study of the scriptures and coming to truly know that “the same Son of God who atoned for my sins is the same Redeemer who will also save those who have hurt me. I could not truly believe the first truth without believing the second*.”

Because relationships are complicated and enjoying peace in your family’s life requires a little bit of sacrifice and a huge amount of heaven’s help.

This is where I learned that forgiveness and love go hand in hand.

I discovered that not only can we forgive, but we can also seek to understand our loved ones better through shared experiences and open communication.

I have come to learn that while the authoritarian style of parenting may have grown out of a need for control, it is ultimately damaging to those involved.

And This Was Tested When I Became A Mother Myself

micah klug with baby

I decided to take what I had learned from my own experience and apply it to the home life of my family.

So, I began a journey into learning more about positive parenting practices and found ways to incorporate them into our home.

My goal is to create an atmosphere where each one of my children can grow and thrive, knowing that their needs are recognized and respected.

It has been an ongoing process of trial, error, learning, and growth.

Through prayer, patience, and understanding I have seen amazing results in my children’s behavior as well as their relationships with one another.

Tell Me If This Is You & Your FamilyYou

Love your family, but you want to find a better way to strengthen the relationships you have with each member.

Want everyone to respect each other – parents and children alike while growing closer in your relationship.

Love spending time together as a family, but desperately long to connect on a deeper level.

I believe your home can be filled with loving family connections, no matter your circumstances. 

micah klug with young family

And This Is Why Home Faith Family Was Created, To Teach You How To:

  • Eliminate the emotional overwhelm in motherhood and give you the support you need.
  • Parent the way God intends for your family to grow closer – intentionally and lovingly, (without losing your temper or sanity).
  • Cultivate loving relationships with your spouse and children by providing you with the resources you need to better communicate.
  • Help your children understand Christian principles by starting and maintaining respectful relationships between parents and children (even in the midst of disobedience).
  • Connect with our Father in Heaven to help your spiritual life feel renewed.

As the mother of your home, you know the importance of raising and teaching your children Christian principles and Biblical truths.

You’re molding living clay in the shape of your hopes. In partnership with God, your divine mission is to help your family return faithfully back to our Father in Heaven.


Your family knit together in love and unity. Where home is a place where your spouse and children want to be because they love each other and the Lord.

Coming into a room and seeing your children playing together in love. There’s no fighting, no screaming.

Connecting and communicating with your family on a deeper level where you can discover their hearts and help them learn to love the Lord.

Micah Klug

I’m Micah Klug

And I’m so glad you’re here.

Do you know that feeling when you walk into a home and just feel at peace? It’s like suddenly everything just falls into place and you can breathe again.

For me, that’s what strengthening your home, faith, and family is all about because the most important relationships in your life are worth fighting for.

And I believe that if you join me on this journey, your home can be filled with loving family connections, no matter your circumstances.

Welcome friend. You’re in the right place.

Today, we are creating and cultivating a family knit together in unity and love in spite of life’s growing pains.

And our children (who are still incredible) are learning together and walking in obedience and kindness.

Our family strives to build a home Christ can be proud of, a home I want to help create for you.

Thank you friend for taking the time to read my story. I pray for the Lord’s choicest blessings to be with you and your family as you strengthen your home, faith, and family.

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