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Home Faith Family is a community that helps to encourage, inspire, and instruct others on how to live simply without losing quality or sanity.

This site defines quality as having and maintaining a uniformed balance with faith in God, home, and family.

If anything is missing from one of these core and instrumental facets in our life, then life can quickly become overwhelming. A breakdown of the site and what you will find includes:



Do you need a spiritual recharge or faith-filled message to start your day off right? Do you ever wonder why the small and simple things in life really matter? Inspirational thoughts and uplifting messages on this blog are available for everyone. Especially for those who are seeking to grow their faith in God and His plan for them.

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Every family member is important and plays a vital role. We all want to be understood, loved, respected and wanted. The home needs to be a haven and refuge, a place of safety from the storms of life.

There are many things you can do to make your home a place where your family will want to be (and even look forward to being). Continue by sharing how much you love your spouse, spend less time watching television, and by creating memories during the holidays (and every day) you can begin to cultivate a home of love.

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We never marry in the hopes of failing. We marry because we believe in something bigger than ourselves.

Whether you feel like you’re failing as a wife, looking for ways to strengthen your marriage, or wanting to learn how to better communicate with your spouse you can do so in this community. The Home Faith Family community believes that happiness can be found in our family life, and this happiness begins with the husband and wife relationship.

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The Home Faith Family community strives to help family’s focus on their money and being “money smart.” You can read financial tips on how to make saving money fun for kids, 10 summer job ideas for teens, or any other family financial articles to help you save money and live frugally.

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At HomeFaithFamily.com you will find easy to make recipes for breakfast, dinner, desserts, cookies and more! You’ll also find easy instructions for canning and food storage.

Life is already complicated enough, these recipes will make life in the kitchen a lot easier. All of the recipes on this blog will have easy-to-find, common ingredients and staples that are found in the home. Say goodbye to stressful food preparation and hello to easy cooking!

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My cookbook, “50 Freezer Meals: Easy Dinners for the Busy Family” began this wonderful adventure. The adventures which led to the cookbook belong to my three children. They are the reason why I wrote my book.

After the birth of our daughter, Adalicia, my husband and I struggled with trying to find the new “norm” in our life.

I was overwhelmed with being a mom for the first time, trying to meet my husband’s needs, household obligations, my self-care and needless to say dinners were placed on the back burner. Literally.

Through a lot of trial and error (and tears) we finally found our new norm and life seemed to be going smoothly again. We then became pregnant with our second child, Winston.

My sweetheart and I sat down and came to the conclusion the one thing that made life more manageable after our daughter was born: food.

I searched the internet for easy to make freezer meals throughout the pregnancy. As the time for Winston’s birth drew near, we cooked and prepared several months worth of frozen dinners.

This experience was a night and day difference compared to our first child. Those freezer meals saved us and our sanity, not once, but twice with the recent birth of our newest member, Cornelius.


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