6 Important Safety Tips for Halloween

Halloween is such an exciting time for children (and sometimes adults). Little ones are growing in their excitement to wear their costumes and go trick-or-treating.

Halloween is fast approaching and trick or treaters will soon be knocking on doors. These 6 important safety tips for Halloween will help minimize stress and keep children safe so everyone will have fun. #1 will get any child excited and it costs less than $1. Click to read.

Let’s be honest, their excitement also comes from the idea of tons of free candy. Yet, as adults, we have the opportunity and responsibility to make sure our children are safe.

These safety tips for Halloween will help alleviate any stress or pressure you might be feeling towards taking your children trick-or-treating this year. Yes, it’s important to have fun, but it’s more important to stay safe.

6 Important Safety Tips for Halloween

1. Glow Sticks

A pack of glow sticks comes for about $1 and usually, you can expect 6 – 8 depending on the brand and price you pay. Prices will vary and increase as the glow sticks become more intricate in their designs.

I love the idea of giving children glow sticks to wear, especially when nighttime comes so early in the fall season. This is a great way to easily keep an eye on your children as they leap from house to house.

2. Go With Adults

My daughter checked out a library book titled, “Queen of Halloween” where a young girl and her friend want to go trick or treating alone. The father made an insightful comment. He did not scold the young child but simply said, “you might not need an adult, but I certainly need you, children.” I always felt the father had a double meaning to his statement.

We obviously need our children if we want to go out trick-or-treating (I can’t remember the last time a grown up came knocking on my door asking for candy). Yet, we also need our children to be safe, to be loved, and to know they’re not alone.

3. Large Groups

If possible, get together with friends and trick-or-treat in large groups. Keep the adult to child ratio at a manageable rate. The last thing you want to do is leave one adult with nearly a dozen kids. If this is the case then this tip won’t work to your advantage.

The purpose of a large group is to have a fair number of children and adults for safety purposes. The children will have tons of fun going from door to door together as adults keep a close eye on their little ones. There is safety in numbers.

4. Specific Homes

If you don’t feel comfortable taking your children to random homes then consider another option. I use tip #4 every year, and that is to take your child trick-or-treating to specific homes. I talk to them prior to knocking on the door who they will be seeing and how exciting it is that we get to visit our friends. The anticipation helps build them up and I have found they enjoy the evening a lot more than going from house to house.

In the same regard, my husband and I do have a safety talk with our children about why we only go to specific houses. We emphasize the importance of being safe.

5. Daylight Hours

Trick-or-treating during daylight hours is another tip our family uses with our little ones. We allow the children to dress in their costumes after dinner and we go trick-or-treating from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.

I have found that this evening hour is great for those with small children who are anxious to collect their candy. At the same time 6:30 p.m. is late enough for children to be out and still light outside where there won’t be added confusion if a situation should arise.

6. Party at Home

I completely understand if you choose to not take your children trick-or-treating at all. If this is how you’re feeling, consider having a kid-friendly Halloween party at your home. Ask friends and others who have small children to join you and your family. Send out invitations (or e-mails) and set some ground rules of behavior and what people can expect at your family’s party.

Whether you choose to take your children trick-or-treating or if you stay home this year, I hope you have a very happy Halloween.

Do you have any safety tips for Halloween? Please leave a comment and let us know!

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