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My kids LOVE answering these questions! If you're searching for valuable questions to ask your children, grow your relationship, and strengthen your bond together, then you'll love this list. Keep reading to find your favorite! #questions #questionsforkids #familytime #kids #relationships

This positive parenting advice will empower you to be the best parent your children desperately crave.

From babies and toddlers to teens, you’re going to love these positive parenting tips from this faith-filled Christian family.

Top Mom-Approved Ways To Save Money on School Clothes

There are dozens of intense but wonderful and applicable ways to save on clothes for school. Today we discuss 5 practical ways to save on school clothes and how to include your children in the process. These tips will help your children value and understand the purpose of savings without losing their fashion sense or style.

The first day of school can be scary for some children. Help calm your child's fears with these 6 easy tips. You'll be setting your child up for success inside and outside the classroom. Keep reading to find your favorite idea! #firstdayofschool #kindergarten #preschool #school | first day of school ideas, the first day of school, first day of school kids, first day of school class, first day of school tips

First Day of School – 6 Tips For Calming a Child’s Fears

Is one of your children going to school for the first time this fall? Or how about returning again? No matter if your child is new or a seasoned learner, going to school, making new friends, and meeting a new teacher is always challenging. Today we discuss 6 ways to calm a child’s fears. Number 4 on the list is something you can do daily and get really creative with!