5 Must-Have Food Storage Supplies You Need Today

There are 5 food storage supplies must-haves to have a food storage like a pro. I love talking to people about food storage because I get two common responses. The first typical response usually involves people visualizing their neighbor who is over-the-top prepared for everything (otherwise known as a prepper).

The second response is usually, “ew” or “it’s too hard.”

More often than not when people think about food storage they begin to visualize inconvenience, items taking up too much space, and thinking that having a food storage is something grandparents or their parents do.

I’m here to tell you having a food storage doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, I’m going to share with you 5 food storage supplies must-haves to have a food storage like a pro. These are all things that my family and I have (including personal pictures of our items).

These items are super easy, don’t take up a ton of space, and can be stored nearly anywhere in your home.

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Do you want to jump-start your food storage but feel overwhelmed with all the information? These 5 must-have food storage supplies will place you on the right path to rocking your food storage without breaking the bank. Click to read. #foodstorage #lds

5 Must-Have Food Storage Supplies You Need Today

1. Food Grade Buckets

Food grade buckets are thick plastic buckets that can hold just about anything. The reason why I recommend purchasing a “food grade bucket” versus a normal bucket is because they are BPA free and FDA compliant.

Why is this important? Because having these qualities ensures the quality and life of your food.

We currently have 2 of these buckets in our home. I have cravings for warm bread and so we keep plenty of sugar and flour on hand. Plus, it saves us a ton of money when our local store has their case lot sale. A 25-pound bag of flour is less than $5. Yes, please!

Here are a few food grade buckets I recommend for anyone who is thinking of starting. Pay close attention to the size and quantity.

The average food storage bucket (as shown in the picture above) is 5-gallons. They do come in smaller sizes (there are two posted below).

Rubbermaid Commercial Food Storage Container, 6-Quart (great for small spaces and takes up little room).

5 Gallon White Bucket + Lid (Set of 3) – such a great price for all that you’re getting.

5 Gallon White Bucket + Lid (same as above, but only 1 instead of 3).

5 Gallon White Bucket + Lid (set of 3) 

22-Quart Round Storage Container

2. Spinny Lids

The “spinny lids” otherwise known as the gamma seal lid, are such a time and sanity saver. Unfortunately, these do not come with the buckets (I know, bummer, right?), but they are so worth the investment! Trust me, you will love your spinny lid!

They come in standard colors (white, red, orange, blue, green, etc.) So pick your favorite sports team‘s colors and have fun with it!

I will let you know there are some great companies that offer deals on buying these lids plus their buckets. Here are a few of the lids and company’s that do just that:

Gamma Seal Lid – white 

Gamma Seal Lid – black

Gamma Seal Lid – orange

Gamma Seal Lid – 6 pack (yellow, black, red, blue, orange, & green) – best deal for your money if you’re going to use them.

Gamma Seal Lid – blue

Gamma Seal Lid – red

3. Containers

I would almost be willing to bet that you have something similar to these containers already in your kitchen. If you’re a parent with small children, I highly recommend you invests in the plastic containers. I know there are super-cute glass jar and other fun ones too.

But with small hands, you will want plastic. Here are a few you can look at (best quality and best price).

4-piece Oggi canister set with airtight lits + acrylic spoons. These ones are SO cute!

Royal airtight food storage 5-piece set BPA free & plastic. These are the ones I have (but with white lids) and they have lasted us for such a long time. They’re super easy to use and clean also.

– These ones are glass. Again, with small kids, I discourage glass, but I also understand why you would want glass too. This is an 8-piece glass canister and spice jar set. Very great price for all that you’re getting.

4. Can Organizers – small

I love our small (and large) can racks. If you use a lot of cans in your home (corn, green beans, black beans, tomato sauce, etc.) then I highly recommend you invest in one of these.

It’s perfect for organizing your pantry. The thing I love most about them (besides they don’t take up a ton of room) is that you can organize them by expiration date (soon to be expired in front with the least expiration date in the back).

You can also visually see how much of a certain item you have. I will show you more how my family and I organize our cans in the next section.

Here are a few can racks I highly recommend (again, best quality and best price).

SimpleHouseware Stackable Can Rack Organizer (Chrome). This rack can store up to 36 cans. It’s not a rotating system, but it’s great if you don’t have a ton of cans on hand but want to find some way to organize what you do have.

FIFO mini-can tracker: rotate up to 30 cans. Made in the USA. My family and I bought this one when we were first married and 6+ years later it’s still going strong.

FIFO mini-can tracker: rotate up to 54 cans. Same as above but on a much larger scale.

5. Can Organizers – Large

If your family eats a ton (like mine) or you really want to up your game with your family’s food storage, I highly recommend getting a large can organizer.

The one above is ours and it’s over 6 feet tall. There are two of these you can purchase. One is 4 feet and the other is a little over 6 feet tall. These things are made to last and are a 1-time investment.

FIFO can rack, holds 200 cans. This is the 4 foot can organizer.

Shelf Reliances “The Plenty 72 Food Rotation System.” This is the one my family and I have in our home. It’s lasted us for so many years now and it’s been great. It is over 6 feet tall but it’ll rotate, store, and hold any cans you can imagine.

A word of advice: whatever you do, do not go into debt for your food storage. There is so much you can do with just a few dollars a week.

But, the best thing about these food storage items is that they’re a 1-time purchase. The only time you’re having to buy something again is if you want to add more supplies to your food storage.

Look through your kitchen and see what you currently have on the list (food grade buckets, containers, etc.) and decide what you’d like to add next. As you create a food storage plan, buy foods that your family will eat, and properly store the items, you’ll be doing your food storage like a pro in no time.

Do you have a food storage system at home? Or, do you have a favorite food that you absolutely cannot live without? Leave a comment and let us know!

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