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Free Letter F Printable Activities For Preschoolers

As a homeschool mom, one of the most important things I have to do is make sure my kids are learning and developing. Having letter f activities for preschool helps them learn more words that start with this letter. It also gives them an opportunity to work on their fine motor skills as they trace lines and write letters!

My preschooler had the top row of his teeth pressing down on his bottom lip and was breathing hard enough to blow out a birthday candle.

He was trying to make the letter F sound. Ffff…

“Like that, mom?” He asked.

“Yes!” I told him he was doing great making the “F” sound. “Now, let’s list words that begin with the letter F!”

If you’re looking for a simple way to teach the ABCs to your toddler or preschooler, then you’re going to love all the ideas, activities, and printables you’ll find here.

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List of F Words for Kids







Fire truck



Help your preschooler learn the letter “Ff” with these FREE printable activities.

Grab them below!

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    This is not an exhaustive list of all words that start with the letter F!

    There are many other common and uncommon words you and your preschooler can think of together. You can have fun making up your own list of F words.

    Read them aloud so you practice hearing the sounds each letter makes.

    Helping kids learn how to listen for and identify the letter F’s sound will help them get better at reading and writing later on!

    Fun Letter F Activities For Preschoolers

    The Fish Game

    Place six toothpicks (or popsicle sticks) in a fish shape. You can also cut some paper into the form of a fish, then color it red or blue (or both).

    To personalize this activity for your child, you can read “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” to them while they color.

    Doing this activity will help teach them about colors in order to teach them basic concepts such as shapes, directions, etc. next hold up the word “fish” so when you say ‘fish’ show the child the word.

    The Feather Activity

    Use a feather duster to show your preschooler how it moves (show them how you can make the feathers move by brushing/holding onto them). This will help teach colors and texture, too!

    You could also cut out paper into different shapes or draw pictures with these letters: F-E-A-T-H-E-R.

    The Flower Craft

    This one is really fun! You can use the Crayola Color Wonder markers and have your preschooler draw the flowers they see from a flower bed.

    You can find flower beds at parks, your local library, or in your own yard.

    Then write out the word F-L-O-W-E-R and take your time teaching and making the sounds for each letter.

    How To Teach Your Child To Make The Letter F Sound With Their Mouth?

    In order to teach your child how to make the letter “f” sound with their mouth, first try some soft “fffffff” sounds.

    The letter “f” is a consonant. It’s pronounced as in ‘fish.’

    The muscles used when pronouncing the letter F sound are those of your lips, tongue and jaw.

    You can practice saying it by sounding out words like ‘frog,’ ‘flower’ or even just saying its name! Ask your child what kind of animal they think starts with an “f”?

    Then move on to trying the harder version of this consonant:  try saying words like ‘fish,’ ‘frogs,’ and ‘flower.’ Make sure you think about which muscles are being used in your mouth when pronouncing each word!

    How Do You Teach Your Preschooler To Write The Letter F?

    One way to teach preschoolers how to write the letter F is by first having your child trace the letter and finger paint.

    You can grab our Letter F workbook below and use the Letter F sheets for this activity.


    Help your preschooler learn the letter “Ff” with these FREE printable activities.

    Grab them below!

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      Next, they can move on to tracing both uppercase and lowercase versions of this same letter.

      You could also give them a word such as “fish” (but beware: sometimes when kids see capitalized words their eyes will skip over the lowercase f! So make sure they’re still looking at all those little lines!) Help them sound out each syllable in order to form an accurate pronunciation.

      Letter F activities are great for preschoolers because of their fine motor skills and increased vocabulary.

      They also get help with articulation as well as learning how letters work together to form words which will set them up nicely for future learning.

      As you teach all three parts of literacy (listening, speaking, writing) in a natural way with these activities, you’ll be on your way to creating a well-rounded learner!

      What Do I Do Now?

      Grab your FREE Letter F Workbook! You can download these activity sheets below:


      Help your preschooler learn the letter “Ff” with these FREE printable activities.

      Grab them below!

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        How Do You Teach Preschoolers To Read?

        When it comes down to teaching kids how to read in preschool, there are many different options for parents and children alike!

        For instance, one way might be using flashcards with pictures or giving them board books containing easy-to-read text.

        Another option would be having your child dictate what they’re reading aloud while looking at a storybook together. Make sure you practice sounding out difficult words by saying them slowly so they can try too!

        There’s even an alphabet tracing learning board that helps kids learn their letters by tracing them with a finger.

        I hope this blog post helped explain the letter “f” in a way preschoolers can understand!

        You can also dive deep into the alphabet with these letter w worksheets for preschool (free).

        These letter printables are only a small part of our preschool curriculum, which has been loved by 1,000+ parents. You can learn more about the Smart Little Learners Preschool Curriculum on this page.

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