First Day of Preschool Keepsake Signs For Your Child – Free Printable


Free first day of preschool printables you can use right away for your preschool or homeschool classroom. Your child’s personality will shine with these signs. From chalkboard themed, solar systems, mermaids, and more! Grab your free preschool printables and start making memories today!

I still remember how eager my preschooler was on that crisp fall day all those years ago.

The two pig tails dangling from her head were lopsided and she had quite the unique hop-skip-run thing going on with her walk.

But nothing could wipe the smile off of her face as she began her first day of preschool.

Pure bliss.

These free first day of preschool printables include 10 unique keepsake signs specifically made for your eager learner.

Seriously, you will not find cuter signs for your preschooler and their memorable first day pictures than these printables.

You can grab your free complimentary preschool signs below:

FREE – Grab 10 “First Day of School” and “Hello Preschool” Signs, TODAY!

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    Each first day of preschool sign is uniquely designed from avid learners of the complexities of the solar system to hopeful mermaids in disguise.

    And I know how chaotic life can be during these formidable and tender years.

    Sometimes the first day of preschool is missed and the child might be disappointed at not having their original “first day” of school. This is one of the reasons why the “hello preschool” signs are made.

    Because life happens, preschoolers schedules can change as fast as a toddler who’s caught in the cookie jar, and you know you want to include your preschooler in these keepsake photographs.

    FREE – Grab 10 “First Day of School” and “Hello Preschool” Signs, TODAY!

      We won’t send you spam. Unsubscribe at any time.

      Another Great Printable For Preschoolers You Don’t Want To Miss

      Once the excitement of the first day of preschool has worn off, the fun learning begins.

      But sometimes there’s a lack of enthusiasm for learning. (Honestly, who doesn’t want to play all day, every day).

      Although I firmly believe playing is a great tool for teaching and learning, sometime you have to ask yourself…wouldn’t it be amazing if your preschooler looked forward to learning their ABCs?

      alphabet learning bundle.

      As a homeschooling mom of five, I get it. You want the best educational resources for your child’s growing mind.

      This is why The Ultimate Alphabet Learning Bundle is perfect for your child as you help them learn, explore, and understand the alphabet.

      Inside this ABC bundle you will find 145+ pages of:

      • A-Z Placemats
      • Colorful and beautifully designed A through Z Flash Cards
      • My Big Alphabet Skills Pack
      • Alphabet Activities Coloring Sheets
      • ABC Letters and Line Tracing
      • Alphabet Letter Recognition

      For a limited time you will get 5 BONUS workbooks (62+ pages) to help your child explore and learn

      I know firsthand how quick children learn.

      Their curiosity and love for learning is unmatched and you want to do everything you can to give them the resources they need. This is why, for a limited time, you will get 5 BONUS workbooks (62+ pages) to help your child explore and learn:

      • Days of the Week
      • Shapes
      • Seasons
      • Numbers
      • Months

      This bundle is the ultimate ABC resource of fun education for you and your preschooler.


      little girl holding a hello preschool sign for her first day of preschool.


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