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19 Free Earth Day Theme Worksheets For Preschool

You’ll love these free Earth Day theme preschool worksheets and lesson plans that are ready for you to print and use on April 22nd.

Included in this Earth Day Curriculum are 65+ pages of fun Earth Day activities young children will love. These engaging and interactive worksheets cover a range of topics, from nature and recycling to climate change and stem challenges.

Earth Day preschool printables.

19 Free Earth Day Theme Worksheets For Preschool

Earth Day is a great opportunity to educate preschoolers about the importance of taking care of our planet. With these fun and educational worksheets, you can teach young children about environmental responsibility while also having fun!

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    Here’s everything you’ll find inside:

    Earth Day preschool cut and glue activity craft.

    Earth Day Cut and Glue Puzzle

    You and your teacher assistant may want to cut out planet earth picture puzzle so your students can complete this Earth day craft without having to use scissors.

    Small children don’t have the hand or bone structure to use scissors until they reach their 4th or 5th birthday.

    Earth Day scavenger hunt set.

    Earth Day Scavenger Hunt – with cards

    Print and laminate the posters in this curriculum, so you can create a nature walk around your home, classroom, or community center. These scavenger hunt cards are perfect for preschoolers to learn about different aspects of recycling and taking care of our earth.

    Earth Day memory game.

    Earth Day Memory Game

    This Earth Day activity is great for developing memory skills while also teaching children about different ways to care for the planet. Simply print, laminate, and cut out each card – then shuffle them and let the matching fun begin!

    Earth Day word search printable.

    Earth Day Word Search

    If you’re teaching older students – 1st or even 2nd grade, you’ll love the Earth Day vocabulary words included in this free Earth Day printables.

    This printable is a great way to reinforce spelling and vocabulary skills while also teaching important lessons about environmental responsibility.

    Grab The Earth Day Bundle – FREE

    Send 65+ pages of Earth Day fun straight to your inbox.

    Grab this free printable today!

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      climate change earth day worksheets.

      Worksheets About Climate Change

      For the preschoolers and older students who want to learn more about taking care of the earth, then these climate change worksheets do a great job at explaining a complex subject.

      Please note the pages on climate change focus on science backed information and does not include current world events such as the protests. This is a sensitive topic, which should be taught by the parents.

      Earth Day learning printable pages.

      Learning Pages About The Earth

      Your earth day lessons are not complete without these fun filled learning pages about the earth. These printables will help children understand the importance of taking care of our planet and inspire them to make a positive impact on their environment.

      earth day lesson plans

      Lesson Plans About The Climate and Earth’s Environment

      Our beautiful earth is facing many environmental challenges, and it’s important for our children to be aware of these issues. This Earth Day, use these lesson plans to educate students about climate change, pollution, and simple ways they can protect the planet.

      earth day activities and worksheets

      Earth Day Activities & Worksheets

      Pick from a bundle of printable activities and worksheets for all ages to celebrate Earth Day. These free resources include coloring pages, word searches, puzzles, and more, all focused on teaching children about the importance of environmental responsibility.

      Earth Day coloring pages.

      Earth Day Coloring Pages

      What kid doesn’t love a fun coloring page? This fun printable pack includes different objects and free coloring pages for Earth Day that will encourage children to think about the earth and how they can take care of it.

      Your student’s little hands will work on their fine motor skills while coloring in beautiful images that highlight the beauty of our planet.

      Recipes for Earth Day.

      Recipes For Earth Day

      Another way to teach earth science and invite your children to use their problem-solving skills is to cook up some delicious recipes that are perfect with your Earth Day preschool themes.

      Your preschoolers will have a great time and be so proud of their culinary creations, and the best part is enjoying the peace and quiet that comes with snack time.

      earth day color by number

      Color By Number

      Print your preschooler’s favorite Earth Day color by number sheet, so they can color. If you want to double-up on the fun, you can read them a handful of Earth Day books, too.

      This activity is perfect for helping little ones practice their numbers and color recognition while also learning about the planet.

      climate change earth day science experiments

      Climate Change Science Experiment

      My 1st grade kids LOVE science experiments, but my preschoolers are more interested in the mixing and mess-making that comes from teaching earth sciences.

      These science experiments are perfect for your next All About Earth Unit study!

      With options to change it up and make your own conclusions, these experiments are perfect for all ages. Plus, they’re a great way to get kids excited about how our planet works.

      Grab The Earth Day Bundle – FREE

      Send 65+ pages of Earth Day fun straight to your inbox.

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        earth day printable headband

        Earth Day Headband

        Out of all the free printables in this curriculum, for some reason my preschoolers always loved these Earth Day headbands. There’s just something magical about wearing something on the top of your head that makes kids so excited.

        earth day i spy printable

        I Spy Earth Day Sheet

        This free Earth Day item is so much fun for preschoolers! If you’re working on counting, colors, or even just having it as an activity to keep kids busy while you prep Earth Day dinner – I promise your little ones will love this.

        It’s a great way to practice observation skills and for adults to enjoy a some quiet time.

        Recycling Sorting Activity Sheet

        Recycling Sorting Activity Sheet

        Do you want to know a sneaky way to include Earth Day math in this printable? Ask your child how many items went into each recycling container.

        Instead of overwhelming them with boring math worksheets, look for ways they can use math in their everyday lives.

        Earth Day Certificate

        Earth Day Certificate

        A fun way to reward your kids for all their hard work learning about Earth Day is with this printable certificate. It celebrates their efforts in taking care of our planet and encourages them to continue making a positive impact.

        Earth Day sorting garbage and recyclable printables.

        Earth Day Sorting

        Help your preschooler sort the plastic jugs from the trash to the recyclable bin with this fun Earth Day sorting activity. It not only teaches them about the importance of recycling, but also strengthens their fine motor skills as they sort and categorize different materials.

        Earth Day Writing Prompts

        Earth Day Writing Prompts

        You’ll find one writing prompt after another in this Earth Day Bundle. Your children can practice their writing skills and work through different word problems to put their critical thinking skills to the test.

        The comprehension question sheet is a great way to encourage your kids to think deeply about the importance of taking care of our planet and why Earth Day matters.

        Plus, you’ll love that they are able to focus on different topics like recycling and conserving energy.

        Earth Day Acrostic Poem

        Earth Day Acrostic Poem

        Your middle school and high school kids might find flexing their literacy skills muscle a fun challenge with this Earth Day Acrostic Poem printable. This is a great activity to encourage creativity and self-expression as they come up with words that describe the importance of our planet.

        A little girl holding a globe of the planet Earth.

        Other Friendly Earth Day Activities

        Whether you have a preschooler or a kid in middle school, there are different activities you can do together. From planting a tree to identifying different animals, the opportunities for learning and fun are endless.

        Some other free Earth Day activities include:

        • Plant trees or flowers together with your local homeschool coop
        • Encourage independent work by having your child research and present on a specific environmental issue
        • Take a walk in nature and collect trash along the way to clean up our planet
        • Paint or draw a picture of their favorite arctic animals, then research ways to protect its habitat
        • Take a deeper look into recycling and create a project using recycled materials
        • Use this social studies unit to learn about different cultures and their relationship with the environment

        No matter which of variety of activities you choose, your children will learn important lessons about conservation, preservation, and the importance of taking care of our planet.

        Remember to always frame these fun activities as ways to celebrate our planet and make a positive impact, rather than chores or tasks. By doing so, you’ll instill in your child a love for the environment and a sense of responsibility

        And be sure to grab this Earth Day Preschool Curriculum for your children below (or at the bottom of the post) for even more fun and educational activities! Let’s continue to make a difference and protect our beautiful planet together.

        Grab The Earth Day Bundle – FREE

        Send 65+ pages of Earth Day fun straight to your inbox.

        Grab this free printable today!

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          Happy Earth Day.

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