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Top Kids Jeopardy Questions for Little Geniuses

You and your kids will love these fun Jeopardy questions! You’ll find a variety of topics that will keep your kids engaged and learning at the same time. These questions are perfect for family game night, road trips, or even just to pass the time on a lazy afternoon.

You’ll find these questions are separated into three categories: easy, hard, and fun. The easy category is perfect for younger kids or those just starting to learn about these topics.

The hard category will challenge older kids and even adults. And the fun category is a mix of silly and interesting questions that everyone will enjoy.

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Top Kids Jeopardy Questions for Little Geniuses

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Easy Jeopardy Questions for Kids

Question: What Disney movie introduces us to a lion cub named Simba? Answer: The Lion King.

Question: What is the fastest land animal? Answer: The cheetah, which holds the record for being able to run up to 70 miles per hour!

Question: What is the name of Mickey Mouse’s dog? Answer: Pluto.

Question: In what year did Walt Disney create Mickey Mouse? Answer: 1928.

Question: What is the tallest animal in the world? Answer: The giraffe, reaching heights of up to 18 feet!

Question: What’s the name of the “Frozen” princess with ice powers? Answer: Elsa.

Question: What color is a stop sign? Answer: Red.

Question: What planet do we live on? Answer: Earth.

Question: What animal is known for its black and white stripes? Answer: A zebra.

Question: What’s the capital of the United States? Answer: Washington, D.C.

Question: What does the acronym NASA stand for? Answer: National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Question: What’s the name of a place you can go to see lots of animals? Answer: A zoo.

Question: What’s the name of the man who owns a chocolate factory in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”? Answer: Willy Wonka.

Question: What’s the name of the big red dog in the children’s book series? Answer: Clifford.

Question: What’s the name of the princess who falls asleep for 100 years in “Sleeping Beauty”? Answer: Aurora.

Question: What’s the name of the girl who visits a magical land in “The Wizard of Oz”? Answer: Dorothy.

Question: What type of animal is Winnie the Pooh? Answer: A bear.

Question: What’s the name of the toy cowboy in “Toy Story”? Answer: Woody.

Question: What’s the name of the city where the Eiffel Tower is located? Answer: Paris.

Question: What’s the name of the ocean on the east coast of the United States? Answer: The Atlantic Ocean.

Question: What’s the largest planet in our solar system? Answer: Jupiter.

Question: What’s the name of the animal superhero with web-slinging abilities? Answer: Spider-Man.

Question: What’s the name of the famous wizard who attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Answer: Harry Potter.

Question: What’s the name of the dinosaur who’s known for its long neck? Answer: A brontosaurus.

Question: What’s the name of the pirate who searches for treasure in “Treasure Island”? Answer: Long John Silver.

Question: What color are bananas when they’re ripe? Answer: Yellow.

Crafting easy Jeopardy questions for kids is less about making them simple, but more about sparking curiosity in those young minds.

If you want to make your own questions, start with topics they adore. Think colorful characters from their favorite Disney movies or the fastest animals that sprint across the savannah.

Blend in a dash of education with every question. They’ll have a blast and learn from this easy trivia questions without even knowing it.

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Hard Jeopardy Questions for Kids

Here are some examples of hard Jeopardy questions that can challenge and inspire young minds:

Question: Who was the first president of the United States? Answer: George Washington

Question: What is the process by which plants make their own food called? Answer: Photosynthesis

Question: When did the second world war end? Answer: 1945

Question: What is the tallest mountain in the world? Answer: Mount Everest

Question: What is our solar system called? Answer: The Milky Way

Question: Who painted the Mona Lisa? Answer: Leonardo da Vinci

Question: What is the yellow part of an egg called? Answer: The yolk

Question: What dinosaur has three horns on its face? Answer: Triceratops dinosaur

Question: Who wrote the famous novel Alice in Wonderland? Answer: Lewis Carroll

Question: What is the largest continent on Earth? Answer: Asia

Question: Who is considered to be the greatest basketball player of all time? Answer: Michael Jordan

Question: Who painted the famous artwork Starry Night? Answer: Vincent van Gogh

Question: Who is known as the King of Pop? Answer: Michael Jackson

Question: What is the official language of Brazil in South America? Answer: Portuguese

Question: What is the value of pi, correct to two decimal places? Answer: 3.14

Question: What is the longest river in the world? Answer: Nile River

Question: Who discovered gravity after seeing an apple fall from a tree? Answer: Sir Isaac Newton

Question: Who is the Greek god of the sea? Answer: Poseidon

Question: What U.S. State is known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”? Answer: Minnesota

Question: What is the capital city of Australia? Answer: Canberra

Question: Who wrote the famous play Romeo and Juliet? Answer: William Shakespeare

Question: Who is the CEO of Apple Inc.? Answer: Tim Cook

Question: What’s the biggest animal in the world? Answer: Blue whale

Question: What is the food made from mashed chickpeas called? Answer: Hummus

Question: Which former US president was responsible for the Louisiana Purchase? Answer: Thomas Jefferson

Question: Who invented the telephone? Answer: Alexander Graham Bell

Question: What is the currency used in Japan called? Answer: Yen

Question: What type of natural disaster is responsible for a volcanic eruption? Answer: Tectonic activity.

Question: Who was the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean? Answer: Amelia Earhart

Question: What is the highest score possible in gymnastics? Answer: 10

Question: What color are the stars in the American flag? Answer: White

Question: Name the human body systems? Answer: (may include) Circulatory system, Nervous system, Respiratory system, excretory system, Digestive system, Skeletal system, Reproductive system.

Question: How many great lakes are there in North America? Answer: Five (Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario)

Question: Who was the first person to step on the moon? Answer: Neil Armstrong

Question: What layer skin is at the base of the fingernail? Answer: The cuticle

Question: Which punctuation mark would an American call a period? Answer: Full stop

Question: What is the name of the world’s largest desert? Answer: Sahara

Question: What European country is known for its tulips and windmills? Answer: Netherlands

Question: In which year World War 1 begin? Answer: 1914

Question: What is the French word for “thank you”? Answer: Merci.

Question: How many Oscars did Katherine Hepburn win for Best Actress? Answer: Four

Question: What two colors need to mix in order to create the brown color? Answer: Red and green.

Question: Which mammal lives the longest? Answer: Bowhead whale. They can live up to 200 years!

Kids absorb knowledge like a sponge. Challenging kids trivia questions provoke their curiosity. I make sure my kids face tough trivia sometimes. It stretches their minds, introduces them to complex ideas in a fun way.

In my experience, these difficult but fun questions can be informative and lead to a new curiosity for children. They often lead to unexpected teaching moments, like an impromptu history lesson.

When my child stumbles on a tough question about the largest mammal or a historical figure, it’s not a setback. It’s an opportunity. We explore the topic further, and they’re able to learn something new.

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Fun Jeopardy Questions for Kids

For those who want to test their child’s general knowledge and play a fun game, here are some great quiz questions your kids can answer:

Question: In what type of garden do plants attract bees, butterflies, and other pollinators? Answer: A pollinator garden.

Question: Which character is known for having long hairs and being an enemy of Peter Pan? Answer: Captain Hook.

Question: What is the largest ocean on Earth? Answer: The Pacific Ocean.

Question: What is the name of the fairy in the story of Peter Pan? Answer: Tinker Bell.

Question: Which color is associated with the planet Mars? Answer: The red planet.

Question: What is the name of Harry Potter’s pet owl? Answer: Hedwig.

Question: Which continent is home to the South Pole? Answer: Antarctica.

Question: What is the name of beauty and the beast’s tea cup? Answer: Chip.

Question: What is the name of Rapunzel’s pet chameleon in the movie “Tangled”? Answer: Pascal.

Question: What is the primary color that is a combination of red and yellow? Answer: Orange.

Question: Which sport is popularly played with a lightsaber in a galaxy far, far away? Answer: Lightsaber dueling in Star Wars.

Question: In what type of alphabet is this conversation currently happening? Answer: The English alphabet.

Question: Which character is known for wearing a red suit and delivering gifts on Christmas? Answer: Santa Claus.

Question: What is the largest island on Earth? Answer: Greenland.

Question: Which planet is often called the “Red Planet”? Answer: Mars.

Question: What is the smallest state in the United States? Answer: Rhode Island.

Question: Which character is known for his swimming skills and is often considered the most decorated Olympian of all time? Answer: Michael Phelps.

Question: In what week is there a special edition of Jeopardy designed for kids? Answer: Kids Week

Question: Which ocean is the largest on Earth? Answer: The Pacific Ocean

Question: What is the name of the fairy tale character who can freeze objects with her magical powers? Answer: The Snow Queen

Question: What is the popular sport that uses a net and shuttlecock? Answer: Badminton

Question: What is the only type of fruit that has its seeds on the outside? Answer: Strawberries

Question: Who was Disney’s first princess? Answer: Snow White

Question: Which country holds the record for the most number of Olympic medals won? Answer: The United States

Question: Who did the original voice for the cartoon Mickey Mouse? Answer: Walt Disney

Question: Who was the first female Prime Minister of Great Britain? Answer: Margaret Thatcher

Question: What is the largest state in the United States by area? Answer: Alaska

Question: Who is the only country to have won the FIFA World Cup five times? Answer: Brazil

Question: Where does the President of the United States live and work? Answer: The White House in Washington D.C.

Question: How many Olympic games have been held in the United States? Answer: 8 games

Question: How old is the oldest person ever recorded? Answer: 122 years old

Question: Which country produces the most coffee in the world? Answer: Brazil

Question: In sports, what is an MVP? Answer: MVP stands for Most Valuable Player

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Introducing Kids to Jeopardy

Educational games can light up a child’s world. They turn learning into play. This sparks curiosity and makes building knowledge fun.

You see children’s faces brighten at the thought of a challenge. It’s the joy of a game with the reward of learning.

Take Jeopardy, for instance. It’s more than just a game show. Merv Griffin created it over half a century ago. Since then, it’s become almost a family tradition for people of all ages.

Contestants receive clues in the form of answers and need to give their answer in the form of a question. This requires players to think quickly and communicate effectively.

For kids, Jeopardy offers a tool beyond their learning experience. It helps sharpen their minds.

Imagine transforming a history lesson into a fun fact game. Instead of rote memorization, kids engage in a fast-paced quiz.

You can ask your children these questions as you go about your day, or you can set up a more formal game with bonus points and a prize for correct answers.

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Jeopardy Rules for Kids

I want you to imagine a world where kids’ curiosity meets the thrill of a quiz show. It’s a place where young minds buzz with excitement and the challenge of friendly competition.

Jeopardy for kids turns this into reality. First and foremost, let kids know that answers must come in the form of a question. It’s what sets this game apart from any other.

We start with cues. Kids will see statements on the board and they get to quiz themselves. A statement like ‘He was the first president of the United States’ transforms into ‘Who is George Washington?’.

That’s the core of Jeopardy. It’s simple yet effective. It encourages children to think critically, to rearrange their thoughts in a unique way. Kids learn a new approach to answering a number of questions.

Scoring in this game is straightforward. You assign point values to each question, higher points for harder questions. Kids tally their points with correct responses.

They can lose points for wrong answers, so guesswork isn’t rewarded. The goal is to encourage accurate knowledge, not random chances.

Not only does this maintain the integrity of the game, it promotes learning.

At the end of the round, we have what’s called ‘Final Jeopardy’. Kids wager their points based on one last question. It’s a risk that can double their score, but they could also lose points.

They must think strategically. Deciding what to wager teaches them about risk assessment. They learn to gauge their own confidence in knowledge areas.

When the Jeopardy game wraps up, family members tally the points. The player with the most points wins. It’s a title that comes with bragging rights, and maybe a small prize.

Win or lose, this game is a great way for children to learn something new. You should never make this game about the points; instead it’s about learning and having fun.

So, whether you’re stuck at home on a rainy day or planning a fun-filled family vacation, these Jeopardy questions are sure to keep your kids entertained and engaged.

These questions are not only educational, but they’re also a great way to bond with your kids over friendly competition.

Trust me, there’s nothing quite like seeing your little ones light up with excitement when they get an answer right. So go ahead and try out these questions during your next family game night or long car ride.

And don’t forget to share this list with other parents who could use some new ideas for keeping their kids entertained.

Happy Jeopardy-ing!

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