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Free Letter V Worksheets For Preschool – 15 Pages


Are you looking for a fun and educational way to introduce the letters of the alphabet to you pre-K learner?

If so, then our free letter V worksheets for preschoolers will give you a variety of worksheets with fun printable activities and is perfect for pre-k and kindergarten children.

Free 15 Page Printable Letter V Worksheets For Pre-K Learner

These easy-to-follow worksheets involve tracing, coloring, identifying objects associated with the letter V, and much more.

Your early learner will love learning the alphabet in this exciting way.

So get ready to help your child learn more about this fun letter and download your free workbook today.

letter v worksheets for preschool

Download and Print These Free Letter V Worksheets For Your Preschooler

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Help your preschooler learn the letter “Vv” with these FREE printable activities.

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    How To Teach The Letter V To Preschoolers

    Teaching preschoolers the letter V can be really fun, and a great way to foster their early literacy skills and fine-motor skills.

    Not only can you familiarize them with some simple words that start with the letter V such as ‘vegetable’ and ‘vase’, but you can also help your child learn new words by showing them pictures of objects or items that are related to the word.

    You can also use the printables on this page to practice their letter tracing, letter identification, and letter formation.

    Keep reading to explore the additional resources and preschool activities available to help your preschool or kindergarten students master the letter V!

    how to teach letter v to preschool kindergarten

    Letter V is For 

    Letter sounds are an important part of phonemic awareness, which is essential for early reading success.

    The letter V is an easier letter of the alphabet to sound out.

    The “vivid” letter v makes only ONE sound.

    To begin teaching your child to make the sound, encourage them to place the tips of their top teeth on the outside of their lower lip and push out a puff of air.

    You can help your preschooler learn how to make the /v/ sound by using these word examples:

    Some letter v words younger children may recognize include:

    • Vase
    • Village
    • Vacuum
    • Vanilla
    • Volcano
    • Vegetable
    • Violet
    • Violin
    • Vivid
    • Vet
    • Vulture

    Likewise you can help your preschooler make connections between the letter V and words that begin with this specific letter by pointing out items in their environment that start with the letter V or asking them questions about objects.

    free letter v worksheet letter sounds

    Writing the Letter V Worksheets For Preschool

    One of the benefits of the letter v is the lower case v and the uppercase v are nearly identical (except for their size).

    This makes it easier for preschoolers to recognize and write the letter.

    To practice writing the letter V have your child trace a large uppercase V as well as lowercase letter v.

    As they become more comfortable, let them try to write it on their own using smaller line sizes.

    You can also use the free alphabet printables on this page for creative activities like making letter V art or decorating the letter with stickers or other decorations.

    free letter v worksheet fine motor skills

    Tracing the Letter V Worksheets for Preschoolers

    Whether your preschooler or kindergarten kids are tracing lowercase letters or uppercase letters, these tracing worksheets will keep them engaged in learning the letter V.


    Help your preschooler learn the letter “Vv” with these FREE printable activities.

    Grab them below!

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      This letter has only two lines and no curves, making it simpler to draw than other letters.

      Coloring the Letter V Worksheets For Preschool

      My own preschoolers love the fun coloring pages in this workbook.

      They love learning how to recognize this letter and find the letter v in the world around them.

      If you’re wanting to help your child recognize the letter v in a fun way, then these coloring pages are perfect.

      free letter v worksheet uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet

      Each page is filled with graphics of things that start with this letter including vultures, volcanos and more.

      Your children can even practice writing the letter v within the coloring sheet as well!

      Fun Letter V Crafts

      One of the best things I did for my preschooler was print the dotted letter v worksheet on construction paper and laminate it.

      This way, we could keep reusing the same page and use everyday items to make fun letter v crafts.

      Ignite your early learners curiosity and spark their creativity by engaging them in any of these hands-on activities listed below!

      • Place pom poms in the center of a lowercase v
      • Use play dough and shape inside the dotted lines
      • Color the capital letter V brown and create a volcano

      One glue activity you can also make with the fun letter v is cut out flowers and place them inside the “vase”.

      You can use a lower case letter v for this craft and a capital letter v for the volcano craft to reinforce the difference between the lower case and upper case letter v.

      free printable letter v worksheet

      Here Are More Alphabet Activities and Preschool Lessons

      For preschoolers, learning their ABCs is just as important as counting to 10!

      Alphabet activities and worksheets are a fun way to help them practice recognition of letters and the sounds they make.

      Engaging in these activities can greatly improve letter recognition speed, sight word reading, and help build basic comprehension skills.

      These skills are important for any beginning reader.

      Many of these activities are engaging for young learners and can be adapted to fit any student’s level or ability.

      With so many digital and printable resources available to parents, and educators (including these letter v worksheets for preschool) – there is no shortage of worksheets to choose from!

      Here are more of our reader’s favorite alphabet worksheets for you to download:

      Free Printable Worksheets for Teaching Letter V

      When you download your amazing letter v worksheets you will have the printable pack you need to get started teaching your preschooler the letter v.


      Help your preschooler learn the letter “Vv” with these FREE printable activities.

      Grab them below!

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        This 15 page letter v worksheets for preschool pack includes:

        • Letter V Tracing Pages and Writing Worksheet
        • Coloring Page for the Letter V
        • Printable Craft Template for Stacking Letter V Ice Cream Cones
        • Scissor Cutting Practice Sheet featuring the letter V with dotted lines\\
        • Letter Recognition Worksheet
        • Play dough mats for fine motor skills

        Make sure to check out our other printable alphabet worksheets and activities for teaching your preschooler the letter V!

        Tips for Parents and Teachers on Teaching Letter V

        I hope you don’t get so caught up in the lesson plans that you forget to enjoy teaching your child.

        There are so many educational activities you can use to enforce their learning, including using this preschool letter worksheets.

        To let you know, these letter printables are only a small part of our preschool curriculum. You can learn more about the Smart Little Learners Preschool Curriculum on this page.

        If you are only wanting to focus on the entire alphabet for your child, we do have an alphabet curriculum for you to look through. You can find this curriculum here.


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