The I Love You Jar – Creatively Expressing Love

The “I love you” jar is perfect for a personalized gift idea to tell your sweetheart how much they mean to you. 

The I love you jar is perfect for a personalized Valentine's Day gift idea or for another romantic and sweet reason to tell your sweetheart how much they mean to you. Creatively express your love. Click to read.

This craft is easy to complete in one sitting. The only thing that may take some time is handwriting each of your “I love you” notes. If you want to make life easier, consider typing them on the computer and printing them out.

The I Love You Jar – Creatively Expressing Love


  • You will need construction paper. I used red and white pages to keep with the “love” theme. Feel free to use any colors that would make you happy.
  • Pen/pencil.
  • Yarn or ribbon.
  • Scissors.
  • Tape/glue.
  • A mason jar.

Pick 3 – 8 x 11-inch sheets of paper and cut 16 squares per sheet. The dimensions are 2-inches by 3-inches. I found this size to be a very reasonable to write my love notes and still have plenty of room.

Some ideas you can use to help you get started on your list:

  1. I love your willingness to provide for our family.
  2. I love the way you smile at me when you think I’m not looking.
  3. I love your willingness to do the impossible.
  4. I love how safe you make me feel.
  5. I love that you love me.
  6. I love you want to spend forever with me.
  7. I love that you love me, even with my imperfections.
  8. I love your optimistic attitude in life.
  9. I love that you don’t care what others say or think.
  10. I love your willingness to be better each day.

I found after I sat down and started writing, ideas began to flow. I was focused on why I love my sweetheart instead of paying attention to the time. Because of this, I was able to write genuine compliments and sweet quirks that I love about my husband.

Once you’ve written your love note, wrap it up and secure it with a ribbon. I used the red yarn for the white paper and white yarn for the red paper.

Don’t worry if the ribbon isn’t tied fancy. I did a simple knot just to secure the paper.

I placed my notes in the jar as I wrote them. My little ones were more than pleased to help me put the finished notes in the jar as well. They were mesmerized with the colors.

Using the same yarn from the pieces of paper, fashion together a simple, small bow to place around the neck of the jar.

Add a label to the jar (please feel free to copy the label).

My children decided they were going to make one too. They took pieces of paper and scribbled/drew their love notes. They loved doing this for their Dad. I hope you have a blast doing this craft.

Leave a comment and let us know what designs you used for your ribbon and jar.

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