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8 Ways to Focus on Gods Will For You

Do you want to learn more about how you can focus on Gods will for you? Today we discuss 8 ways you can re-commit and refocus on God in your life. Click to read and find out how you can focus on Gods will for you. You might be pleasantly surprised you’re doing a few things on this list already.

Are you wanting to learn more about how to focus on Gods will for you?

Or perhaps you want to learn how to take what you want and give it to God, so you can focus on what He wants for you?

No matter your current situation and where you’re at spiritually, this truth will always remain in force: God loves you and desires your happiness.

However, He wants you to find happiness in Him, not in sin.

So, how do we focus on Gods will for us in our daily lives?

We focus on 8 ways that will help us draw closer to Him each day.

As we do so, His will for us will be made known little by little and we will begin to see how He is using us to further His work.

8 Ways to Focus on Gods Will For You

1. Pray

Pray to know God’s will for you. The prayer will not be an easy and quick one. This kind of prayer will take spiritual wrestling and honest soul-searching.

I promise the time you spend with God is worth the price you pay.

If you feel like you can’t pray, or you haven’t prayed in a while, simply start with small prayers and take a leap of faith. Heavenly Father knows His children. He knows your voice and wants to hear from you.

2. Intently Study

Study the scriptures for spiritual guidance and inspiration. Then examine the opportunities you feel God is pulling you towards.

Study intently and ask God, having faith, what He would have you do.

As you begin to study His words and see the opportunities He is extending towards you, the answer will come with a peace of mind and heart.

Peace is one of the greatest witnesses we can receive from a loving God.

3. Repent

The atonement of Jesus Christ is a beautiful blessing he has given to each of God’s children.

Repentance should never be shunned from or make anyone feel ashamed. Repentance should be a word we celebrate and say with joy and gladness.

Repenting is a beautiful gift and opportunity to draw closer to Heavenly Father. We have the privilege of changing ourselves – of casting off the things that keep us from God and making ourselves into a new person.

4. Small Daily Actions

It is the small and simple things that great, eternal, and significant things come about. Don’t ignore the small and simple things.

Take time to pray, read your scriptures, smile at your family, make the bed, and sing that beautiful song in your heart.

As you do the small things leading you to God, He will take you down His path in His time.

5. Renew and Recommit

We all make mistakes. It’s part of life. The blessing of the atonement of Jesus Christ is when we do make mistakes, we can repent.

After repentance comes the opportunity to renew our spirits and re-commit.

Heavenly Father loves His children, and this is evident through the scriptures. There are numerous accounts when God calls his people to repentance repeatedly.

He is always calling us until we are the ones to say, “ENOUGH! STOP!” In scriptural accounts when the people’s hearts turned cold and they drew away from God is when the destruction came.

Heavenly Father understands broken hearts, frustrations, shattered dreams, fatigue, and tears entirely. But please, never turn your heart away from Him.

6. Leap with Courage & Faith

Once you receive an answer as to what God needs you to do, you need to jump in with both feet.

Have courage and be valiant in what God is asking you to do.

You are His instrument in His hands to accomplish an important work. Do your very best and He will increase your efforts.

7. Press Forward

Trials will always come. There will be days, even weeks when you will want to quit. I don’t blame you for feeling this way.

I have felt these same feelings before.

You begin to question why God has called you to His work, and you wonder what you could accomplish under His hand.

It’s during these dark and trying times that you need to press forward a little further. Keep going and don’t look back.

8. Eternal Reward

During Christ’s earthly ministry he spoke about his kingdom not being of this world. He also told the masses:

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”
(Luke 12:34)

Heavenly Father wants us to be happy in this life. He wants us to keep His commandments and come to Him.

He knew our happiness would not be full or complete until we return to His presence. This is why Christ taught the importance of our hearts.

Our hearts need to be centered on the Kingdom of God, on Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.

This is why Christ taught the importance of our hearts. Our hearts need to be centered on the Kingdom of God, on Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.

Because of Christ we can repent, return to the Father, and focus on Gods will for our lives.

They want our happiness, and they love us perfectly. And our blessing in this life is to give our hearts to Heavenly Father and show our love for Him by saying, “not my will but thine be done.”

May you find peace and happiness as you continue to focus on Gods will for you.

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