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5 Reasons Why the World Needs Your Unique

I understand there are some days when you want to bang your head against a not-so-soft pillow and you ask yourself, “why am I doing this?!” You wonder if what you’re doing is even making a difference or if you’re even wanted or needed.

Before I continue I can promise you that you are wanted. You are needed. If not by the people who are currently in your life, then those who will soon enter. If your situation isn’t what you want it to be, don’t despair, situations do change and new opportunities will come.

For all the many reasons why the world needs your unique, here are 5 for you to think about.

1. You are Rare

Have you ever thought that there is only one you in the whole world! Sure, there might be some people who are bigger Michael Buble fans than you (or whoever your favorite musician is currently), those who have read nearly every book imaginable (and you just hope you can read “Brown Bear” to your little ones without falling asleep – I’ll raise my hand. I’ve been there!). Or those who have the same favorite color as you.

These things don’t matter! They don’t matter because you’re not comparing yourself to anyone else. Well, you shouldn’t be comparing yourself to anyone else.

You are beautiful, wanted, unique, loved, and special. You need to start reminding yourself of these things every day. Start seeing yourself through the eyes of those who love you. Start seeing yourself as someone worthwhile who has a lot to offer this world, because you do.

2. Experience

You’re the only one who has gone through your life experiences. Embrace them, no matter how dark they might be. I remember a time when my parents were fighting all the time, my siblings were all fighting and there was so much anger in the house.

And frankly, I didn’t want to be there anymore. I was mad at God because he didn’t intervene and stop the yelling, no matter how many prayers I said. It felt like I was in a hopeless situation and I didn’t know what to do.

I wondered why was this happening? For the longest time, I didn’t want to get married and have a family because I was so anxious and worried the same environment I was then in would be recreated in my future home. I didn’t want that. I didn’t want a husband who yelled at me constantly or children who belittled and hated each other.

It wasn’t until much later in life I realized I went through that trial to learn about the things I didn’t want in my life. Although the trial of my youth molded and shaped me in unimaginable ways, I learned I went through that experience not just for me, but for my future family.

The experiences you have gone through (or are currently going through) can be a blessing and help someone else. Learn as much as you can through your hardships and never let go (no matter how dark the night may seem). Light will eventually come back into your life and you will be a force for good in an ever darkening world.

3. Underestimating You

You have more power for good inside of you then you realize. Why do we underestimate ourselves and yet hold our sweet neighbor up? We need to love and help others, but we need to offer this same compassion and courtesy to ourselves. Even the smallest deeds don’t go unnoticed.

I have a dear friend who was going through a really difficult time in her life. On one particular morning, she reflected on something that provided her with comfort and warmth. All she wanted was a bowl of potato soup. Something so simple, but her schedule didn’t allow her to make this for herself. She went about her day with a prayer in her heart. The day continued on its course and was downright dreary.

She came home with tears in her eyes, and waiting for her on her doorstep was a small pot of potato soup and a note. A kind woman expressed how she made soup for her family and had some left. She had the impression to bring some to my friend (as crazy as she felt for doing it). This woman took a huge leap of faith. Because of this act, my friend was blessed. Her prayer was answered.

This woman could have rationalized my friend wouldn’t possibly want potato soup (such a random soup, isn’t it?), or she was “too busy” (I’ll do it later). The list of excuses could go on forever.

You are a force for good in the world if you give yourself permission to be. You will never know the lives you bless by reaching up and reaching out. But the recipients will know. Don’t be scared, but take that leap of faith in yourself.

4. Rescuer

How many times do we hear the phrase, “that was just what I needed to hear?” or “thank you for sharing” throughout our week? Those words of affirmation and acknowledgment have more meaning than we realize. We are constantly surrounded by people, yet we do not know the trials and heavy burdens they carry. We can’t see many of them.

Your kind words and acts could mean more to the recipient than you thought possible. You might think to yourself, “I’m just being me” or “that’s what I always do.” AND THAT’S FANTASTIC! Keep doing it! Keep being your good, sweet self. You don’t know how your words will affect someone, you don’t know how your actions will change another person’s path in life.

You could be the rescuer someone was looking for.

5. Persistence

Never give up being you, never give up being unique. For every person trying to be kind, there is someone grumpy and cranky waiting to express their feelings. There are some people who see a happy person and their only goal is to get them to stop being so darn happy.

Be that happy person. Be the type of person when you wake up in the morning all the cranky people shout together, “(name) is up again! Back to work!” Because one day, you never know when you’ll make that cranky person smile. The world is a beautiful place and it needs your special smile. The world needs your unique and the only way that can happen is you staying and being you.

What ways do you share your smile and try to stay positive? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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