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Potty Training For The First Time: Confessions from a Mother

I have a secret to share: so far, potty training is my least favorite thing to do. Please don’t misunderstand: I LOVE being a mother, I absolutely adore this calling and wouldn’t change anything. However, I would still rank potty training right next to getting your wisdom teeth pulled and doing taxes. Not fun but necessary.

Potty training for the first time is about as much fun as doing taxes or getting your wisdom teeth pulled. It's hard work. How do you survive? Here are two confessions from a mother who has been there before. Click to read.

My husband and I have been trying to potty train our oldest for quite some time. For a while, we were worried we would be sending her to college in diapers. She had no interest in using the toilet. She was happy and content in her cute pink pull-ups.

We would talk with her, have lengthy discussions, beg (lots of begging), and would do everything else to try and convince her that using the “big” potty was amazing! She wouldn’t budge. She was set in her ways. Then it happened: I lied to our daughter.

Potty Training For The First Time: Confessions from a Mother

I told her we ran out of her pull-ups and we would have to start using her cotton underwear. She was upset and became more upset as I told her this would mean learning how to use the big girl potty. The lie: was the fact that we had several packages of pull-ups hidden away in the bathroom cupboard (we still do).

Lesson One: The First Day

The first day of potty training was absolutely miserable. We both cried, a lot. But, I learned something that I still find difficult to believe. If you can make it through that first day of craziness, anything is possible.

The first day was difficult and trying, for everyone involved. The second day was still hard, but more manageable, and by the third and fourth days, things were not only bearable but doable. We were finding strength to continue forward in this endeavor

Lesson Two: Accidents Will Happen

Granted, my daughter has accidents on occasion, and that’s to be expected. The important thing to remember is not to become upset at the child or the situation. I learned with my daughter treats are a great way to bribe her, but vocally expressing how proud I was of her and all she was accomplishing are what made the most lasting impression on her.

If you’re experiencing a trial or difficulty, whether it be with potty-training your little one or something else in your life: just hold on and carry on. I promise you’re not alone in this. Many great people have paved the way before you in doing hard things. Just as you move forward, you become a guide for others to follow.

(Update: She’s completely potty trained!! Happy dance!….now for our son to be potty trained.)

Do you have a tip for potty training your child that worked well? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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