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3 Crucial Ways How Motherhood Changes Your Life


Motherhood changes your life and is the greatest adventure you’ll experience. There are so many tips, inspiration, and struggles with this calling in life. Continue reading to know you’re not alone in this journey and to learn how motherhood changes your life.

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I want to ask you a question. When you think of your mother today, what are some of the memories that first come to your mind?

When you think back to your childhood, what did you think of your mother then?

Do you remember the first time you left home to be on your own? What did you think of your mother during those times?

Motherhood changes your life and changes the lives of those in your circle of influence.

You have no idea the good you’re doing in your children’s lives because too often we don’t realize the impact our example has or the place our words find in their hearts.

3 Crucial Ways How Motherhood Changes Your Life

Although there are numerous ways how motherhood changes your life, there are three specific areas women tend to focus on the most.

Those are the areas I would like us to discuss today.

Your Life Is Changed Physically

“You look like you’re gaining a little weight.”

“Look at you! You look….(*insert long pause*) great…”

“Wow, I love your shoes.”

“You look tired.”

Bereaved Mothers Day is a day to remember and honor mothers who have lost a child. It is observed on the first Sunday of May. This day provides an opportunity for grieving mothers to come together to support and comfort one another.

Yea, we’ve all heard these little lines of greetings when we are visiting family members or friends. And truth be told, nothing bothers me more than when people focus on a woman’s physical appearance as a form of greeting.

Obviously, she gained a little weight, she just carried another human being around in her body for nine months. She gave life to someone else, give her a little break!

After the baby is born?

You’ll be wearing yoga pants, a ponytail, and breakfast on your shirt.

And there’s nothing wrong with this for the time being.

When you’re mothering young children, your body is physically tired because you performed a miracle. You gave life to another human being, and now this little child is dependent on you for continued nurturing and substance.

Be happy knowing your hair is in a ponytail and you have on your husband’s t-shirt. This is for a small time in your life and this phase will go as quickly as your own childhood.

There is a truth you will experience as you watch your children grow.

The days are long but the years go by so quickly.

Simply love your body today.

You did something miraculous. You gave life to one of God’s children. Isn’t it wonderful to think that you could do this for your sons and daughters? Only you could carry and give them life. For this, celebrate the imperfections you find on your body.

It can be difficult to know how to say happy Mothers Day to a grieving mom. You may feel like you need to say something, but be unsure of what would be helpful or appropriate. Here are some ideas you can celebrate this mother and show your support on Mother’s Day.

There will be times in life you can strap your children in strollers, go for a walk, and exercise to feel more confident in your skin.

But never wish to be different, because motherhood changed your body into something beautiful: you become a creator.

Your Life is Changed Emotionally

It took a lot for me to cry before having kids, and now, motherhood makes me cry at nearly everything.

I watch my daughter read her first words without any promptings or help from me.

My son gives his little brother a hug and lets him play with his favorite car without being asked.

Watching my children love each other, play together, and put each other first.

It’s in these tender moments that I know those days spent listening to their screaming, playing coach, sitting with my toddler in timeout, and my teaching and instructions have paid off.

And your sacrifices will too.

The time you spend investing in your children, even when you feel like you’re saying the same thing for the millionth time, will pay off.

Your children are listening to what you say, but they’re also watching what you do. How are you responding to their mistakes? Do you allow them the opportunity to see you cry because what they said hurt your heart?

Are you embracing the new woman you’re becoming because of motherhood?

I knew I loved my husband when we first married (I still do, I think I’ll keep him around until he gets tired of me), but I never knew love until holding my child in my arms for the first time.

There is something so beautiful and a connection that is made over time, when nourished, grows into something miraculous that is felt between you and your child.

Your Life is Changed Spiritually

As a Christian, I have always strived to stay as close as I could to the Lord. I’ve made mistakes, rely on the atonement and grace of Christ, and continue to strengthen my faith in God during times of trial.

But when God calls you to be a mother, there is a special bond that grows in your relationship with Him.

You become a partner with God in bringing to life His spirit children. You give yourself completely over to carry, nurture, and care for your precious children.

The rest of your life is then spent helping them learn more about Him and His plan for your child. You want them to grow in their faith, stay close to the Lord, and you begin to place their salvation and welfare above your own.

You pray with all the earnestness of heart that there won’t be any empty chairs in heaven, but that all of your children will remain faithful throughout their lives.

And when one strays, you pray and draw closer to God knowing that they are in His hands, He has a plan for them, and you fully understand the precious gift of agency.

You begin to understand how God sees you, how He feels when you are faithful, and His love for when you repent and draw closer to Him.

Motherhood is the ultimate calling that a woman can obtain in life.

I feel too often that we downplay the role we have in our home and family’s lives. We often think, “Yup, another load of laundry done,” when in reality we are providing clean clothes for our children.

There are times when you feel completely alone. The kids are screaming, everyone is grumpy, you’re tired because you haven’t slept in days since you’re up with the baby, and all you want is five minutes to yourself.

I know what those days are like. We all have them.

But never feel like you’re not doing something worthwhile. You’re a mother.

There is nothing in this life that is more important than those you hold in your arms. Careers will come and go, vacations will fade into memories, trends of the world change faster than my toddler’s socks, but the work you’re doing today, right now in your home, this work lasts forever.

Your influence as a mother will always be felt.

Think back on your life to the times when you wanted comfort. Who did you plead for? Mother.

When you needed a hug, a friendly smile, or a friend to talk to, who did you run to first? Mother.

Too often, as women, we don’t take into consideration the role we play because we don’t understand or see the lasting impact we are making in the lives of our children.

But you are touching their hearts, you are making lasting memories, and creating a beautiful and secure home for them to rest their tired minds.

You’re the protector and defender of your haven, and I can’t think of a better or nobler place for you.

You’re a mother.


8 thoughts on “3 Crucial Ways How Motherhood Changes Your Life”

  1. Emma Fitt

    I love this,it is so true how your life changes when you have children

  2. I love the idea of how we change spiritually because we become a partner with Him as we help to raise His children. There are important responsibilities that go along with raising these sweet spirits! I’m grateful for the guidance I’ve received from God in raising my own family!

    Thanks for joining #WanderingWednesday!

  3. Yes to all of these!! So many changes, but I have never felt so fulfilled. Thanks for sharing! #wanderingwednesday

  4. So true! I am amazed at the love I have for my children, and if possible it seems to be even more for the 4th than it was for the 1st as I mature, recognize how precious they are and how fleeting my time is with them. It is always wonderful to hear motherhood receive the honor it deserves! Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much, Alicia. You’re absolutely right when you say it’s amazing how much your love for your children grows. Motherhood is definitely not easy, but so worth every moment. Have a happy day, friend.

  5. This post is beautiful! Becoming a mother really does change a woman in so many ways, but every bit of change is so worth it. I love how you mentioned the spiritual bond that is strengthened in raising children. It’s true! We need all the help we can get.

    Thanks for joining #WanderingWednesday #linkup with Confessions of Parenting! ?

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