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10 Tips to Strengthen Your Family Bond

There is nothing greater in the world than our family. It’s within the family that some of the greatest joys and sorrows are felt. This relationship holds the key to success in our home, lives, and in society. Yet it is often the family that suffers most.

In order to strengthen your family bond, sacrifices need to be made. These 10 tips to strengthen your family bond will help pave a path to grow closer together and strengthen one another. #3 is the key to success. Click to read.

I often find myself thinking of my childhood home. There are a handful of happy memories that come to my mind, and I am grateful that I still remember them.

And yet, there are also the memories that often involve trials, heartache, frustrations, and tears. It’s within our family life that we can find the greatest joy as well as the greatest pain.

The choice is up to each individual member and how we all work together. So, how can you strengthen your family bond and create a home where happiness can be found?

It’s not difficult. And these 10 tips will help you strengthen your family bond will help you on your journey.

10 Tips to Strengthen Your Family Bond

1. Time Together

There is a great need to spend quality time together. I understand everyone is very busy with work, school, church, and other extracurricular activities. As a family, you will need to sit down together and pick one day in the week where everyone can commit to spending at least two hours with each other.

When a choice has been made, block this time out! Let no other commitments stop you from spending this needed time together.

2. Unplug

Decide to create a family rule on phone, tablet, and laptop usage within the home. I understand that children have homework and parents have to care for their home and business. Yet, does everyone need to bring their cell phones to the dinner table? Can each person in the home live without their electronics for 30 minutes?

I know not having electronics at the dinner table will be a little awkward at first and will require some conversation on everyone’s part. I promise you will strengthen your family bond as you each unplug and give your very best in time and attention to each other.

3. Pray

There is an old saying that “a family who prays together stays together.” It’s with speaking prayers we can express our love for our family, seek forgiveness and repent, and pray specifically by name for each member.

This will be one of the hardest, yet most rewarding suggestions on the list that you can do for your family. Carve time in your day to have family prayers in the morning before everyone begins their day and/or in the evening after everyone has come home.

4. Q & A Sessions

If parents are willing to teach their children honestly then their children will listen. Having a family Q&A session, whether about family business, life events, spiritual questions, or anything completely random a child has a burning passion for knowing will help strengthen your bond.

First, to have a Q&A a family needs to spend time together, whether this has been set aside, or everyone is at the dinner table. Second, although some questions might be silly, if children see you’re willing to open up they will ask the tough questions. It’s up to you to be ready for them.

As you give your children honest answers and teach them the truth, you will grow closer together.

5. Parent Interviews

The first Monday of the month in our family is “Daddy Interviews.” Each child takes their turn to go sit with their father and have individual and personalized time with him. My husband will ask the children how their personal scripture reading is going and if they are saying their personal prayers.

He also asks how they are getting along with their brothers and sisters, and what questions they may have for him. Yes, we even do this with our youngest who ends up drooling on Travis and giggling to himself. The important thing is that it’s a tradition the children look forward to and will expect as they grow older.

6. Support

You can strengthen your family bond by showing your love and support in your child’s school, church, or personal activities. Does your schedule allow you to watch their performances?

If you’re not able to go, is there a note expressing your love you can place in their backpack where you know they will find it? There are many different and creative ways we can show our love for each other.

7. Patience

If anyone told you having and maintaining a family was easy, I hate to tell you that they lied. Having and maintaining a strong family bond is not easy, but it is worth every sacrifice.

One of the qualities you must develop to help strengthen your family is patience. We need to exercise patience when our spouse or children let us down because one day we will do the same to them.

“Successful marriages and families are established
and maintained on principles of faith, prayer, repentance,
forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work,
and wholesome recreational activities.”
– The Family: A Proclamation to the World

8. Forgiveness

We are not perfect and so there is no reason to expect our spouse or children to be perfect. We all need forgiveness and God’s grace in our lives. As you extend forgiveness and work together to better and strengthen your family bond you will notice an increase in God’s presence in your home.

I can direct every struggle, hurt feeling, and broken relationship with my childhood family to two culprits: pride and not being willing to forgive.

9. Traditions

Ask yourself, what family traditions do you have that you look forward to every year? If you can’t think of any don’t despair. It’s never too late to start a family tradition. My husband and I do our best to create family traditions within our home. Many of these traditions come around Christmas time.

One tradition the children look forward to is feeding ducks at the local park. They know that when we feed the ducks at the park that they get their little Lunchables and we have a picnic together. Traditions don’t have to be expensive, elaborate, or life-changing, you just need to have them.

One tradition we have is done every night. After our evening family prayers, we take the time to give each other hugs and kisses. It’s within this time we share with each other how much we love each other. And by so doing this, it’s very difficult to go to bed or send the children to bed, angry.

10. Express Love

Never let a moment pass you by where you think, “did I tell them I love them?” Be willing to express your love for each member of your family vocally and in writing. I love finding little notes that my husband writes me where he tells me he loves me.

And I love receiving the pictures my children drew where they give to me and tell me they love me. Those moments are some of my many tender mercies.

And as you focus on strengthening your family bond by expressing love, unplugging, praying together, forgiving each other, and establishing traditions, your family will grow closer together.

Is there something you and your family does together that makes you happy? What are some ways you strengthen your family bond? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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