200 Valuable Questions You Need To Ask Your Kids Right Now


My kids LOVE answering these questions! If you’re searching for valuable questions to ask your children, grow your relationship, and strengthen your bond together, then you’ll love this list.

I spent the past ten minutes squirming in my seat.

I felt embarrassed and ashamed. How can I NOT know what to say to one of my best friends!?

But here we were, both of us staring at each other in silence from across the dinner table while I wracked my brain to come up with the “perfect” question that would open the flood gates to a great conversation.

“What silly thing did you see in school today?”

“Nothing silly. It’s just boring.”

My daughter tapped her water bottle with her finger. She looked like a trapped rabbit.

“Boring?! Really?! There must have been something you learned?”


“Oh, okay.”

Back to silence.

Parent of the year, right here.

When You Feel Like Connecting With Your Kid Is Hard, Try This!

I vividly recall a time when an older mom complained to a group of younger moms about her children.

Her face was crimson and her voice went three octaves higher as she embellished her story. “I don’t understand my teenagers! They’re out of control and show no respect at home!”

She became so caught up in sharing her story that a tearful teenager almost went unnoticed.

“Hey sweetie, are you okay?”

This sweet girl’s quivered lip let out the truth like the floodgates to a broken dam. “I wish my mom would spend time getting to know me. She doesn’t even try.”

My heart broke for this sweet girl and the friendship her mother was missing out on.

When It Comes To Your Children – Start Somewhere

Somewhere is better than nowhere, but the first step is the hardest to take.

When it comes to starting, building, or cultivating a lasting connection with your child you need to remember this secret:

Meet them where they are.

Children, especially teenagers, have an innate desire to feel needed. They want to be understood, felt wanted, and to know your mistakes rather than your perfections.

If you are serious about building an instant connection with your children, help them understand your heart by meeting them where they are in their life’s journey.

They need to know they can trust you.

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My kids LOVE answering these questions! If you're searching for valuable questions to ask your children, grow your relationship, and strengthen your bond together, then you'll love this list. Keep reading to find your favorite! #questions #questionsforkids #familytime #kids #relationships

How Do You Start Fostering This Bond With Your Children? Start Here

Do you remember the awkward silence between my daughter and I at the dinner table? I never want to experience this with her again.

So, I deep dived online to find the BEST questions to ask kids.

I had requirements for the questions to make this list. They had to be funny, insightful, or ones that would strengthen the child-parent bond.

(None of this “how was your day” or “what’s your favorite color.”)

The questions on this list are designed to have your child speaking more than one word!

The Ultimate List of Questions For Kids To Strengthen Your Friendship & Forge An Unbreakable Bond

The Top Would You Rather Questions For Kids

1. Would you rather have a magic carpet that flies or your own personal robot?
2. Would you rather eat donuts or candy?
3. Would you rather only be able to wear your swimsuit for the rest of your life or only be able to wear pants and a winter coat?
4. Would you rather play hide and seek or dodgeball?
5. Would you rather be an incredibly fast swimmer or an incredibly fast runner?
6. Would you rather always be dressed up or always wear your pajamas?
7. Would you rather have the chance to design a new toy or create a new TV show?
8. Would you rather live in a house shaped like a circle or a house shaped like a triangle?
9. Would you rather be the funniest person alive or the smartest person alive?
10. Would you rather live where it is always dark outside or always light outside?
11. Would you rather have a magic carpet that flies or a see-through submarine?
12. Would you rather live on the Moon or live on Mars?
13. Would you rather have a new silly hat appear in your closet every morning or a new pair of shoes appear in your closet once a week?
14. Would you rather see a giant ant or a tiny giraffe?
15. Would you rather be able to create a new holiday or create a new language?
16. Would you rather eat pizza for every meal or ice cream for every meal?
17. Would you rather read minds or be invisible?
18. Would you rather be a wizard or a superhero?
19. Would you rather only be able to whisper or have an incredibly loud voice?
20. Would you rather constantly itch or always have a cough?
21. Would you rather never have any homework or be paid 10$ per hour for doing your homework?
22. Would you rather discover a hidden treasure or discover a living dinosaur?
23. Would you rather be the author of a popular book or a musician in a band who released a popular album?
24. Would you rather eat one live nonpoisonous spider or have fifty nonpoisonous spiders crawl on you all at once?
25. Would you rather eat a popsicle or a cupcake?

Questions To Ask Your Kids To Become Their Friend

1. Where is the most wonderful place you’ve ever been?
2. If you had a million dollars, what would you spend it on?
3. What is your favorite memory?
4. Where is your favorite family vacation spot?
5. If you were invisible for a day, what would you do?
6. Who is someone in history that you’d like to be friends with? Why?
7. What is something that you don’t understand about grownups?
8. If you were in a band, what instrument would you play? Why?
9. If you could be president for the day, what would you do?
10. What’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?
11. What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do?
12. What are you excited to do when you’re a grownup?
13. If you could change one thing about me, what would it be?
14. If you could, what two animals would you combine?
15. If there were ever a zombie apocalypse, which one of your friends would survive?
16. What is the worst smell in the world?
17. If you could, what type of animal would you be?
18. If you could change your name, what would you name yourself? Why?
19. What’s something you’d like to learn how to do?
20. What’s the greatest thing about being you?
21. If your pet could talk, what would it say?
22. What’s your biggest dream that you wish would come true?
23. What is the greatest thing ever invented?
24. Where is one place you want to travel to one day?
25. If you had superpowers, what would they be?

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Spiritual Questions To Ask Your Child About Their Faith

1. If God gives you a spouse and kids, what kind of family do you want to have for yourself someday?
2. How do you know that God is near, or when/where do you feel His presence the most?
3. What are some of your favorite things that God created in nature?
4. What gifts do other people in your family have that are a blessing to you?
5. What is the most important thing you’ve learned from the Bible?
6. Is there anyone who needs your prayers today?
7. What do you think about when you think of heaven?
8. If you could meet one person from the Bible, who would it be and why?
9. Are there any worries or fears that you need to release to God?
10. Why do you think God put us together as a family?  What is your role in our family?
11. What was the kindest thing you said or did today? Who needs an extra bit of your kindness?
12. What gifts do you have that you could use to bless others?
13. What is something you want to thank God for today?
14. If you could ask God one question right now, what would it be?
15. If you knew today was your last day on Earth, what would you want to tell other people?  What would you do that day?
16. If God’s love was a color, what color would it be and why?
17. Did you ask anyone if they needed you to pray for them today?
18. What’s one way you know mom/dad loves Jesus?
19. Is there anything happening in your life today that you need to ask God for help?
20. What did you do to make God smile today?
21. What is the coolest Bible story you’ve read or heard recently and why?
22. What do you think is the coolest thing God ever made?
23. When you’re scared, what can you remember about God to help you trust Him?
24. Do you have any prayer requests since I last saw you and we prayed this morning?
25. When you think about Jesus giving his life for your sins, how does that make you feel?

Questions To Ask Your Child About School That’ll Keep Them Talking!

1. How did you help another student or teacher, today?
2. What was something that happened today that made you feel scared or alone?
3. If you could be the teacher tomorrow, how would you do things?
4. Who do you want to make friends with that you haven’t already?
5. If you could stop doing anything in your school day, what would it be?
6. If you could add anything to your school day, what would it be?
7. What is the most popular thing to do at recess?
8. What subject would you love to learn that isn’t taught in school?
9. Did you catch anyone doing something funny?
10. If one of your classmates could be the teacher for the day who would you want it to be? Why?
11. What was something you did today that made you feel brave?
12. Which person in your class is your exact opposite?
13. If you could change one thing about your day, what would it be?
14. If you had the chance to be the teacher tomorrow, what would you teach the class?
15. If you could switch seats with anyone in the class, who would it be? And why?
16. How did you show kindness or love today?
17. If your teacher had $500 to spend on the classroom, what do you think she would buy?
18. What other job do you think your teacher would be really good at besides teaching? What would they be really bad at?
19. If anyone in the world could be your teacher for a day who would it be?
20. Are there times when you feel left out?
21. If you had a camera at school today, what picture would you have taken?
22. What is your least favorite part of the school building? And favorite?
23. Which one of your teachers would survive a zombie apocalypse? Why?
24. What was the nicest thing you did for someone else?
25. Was anyone sitting alone at lunch today? And if they are tomorrow, what can you do about it?

Questions To Ask Your Child To Get To Know Their Heart

1. If you could give your brother or sister one gift – any gift at all, what would you give them?
2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?
3. Where do you feel safest?
4. What do you wish your friends or classmates knew about you?
5. How would you describe your family?
6. If you could change one thing about the past, what would it be?
7. What is one thing you would like to learn to do well?
8. How would you describe a perfect day for you?
9. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
10. What do you wish your parents knew about you?
11. What do you think is the best thing about being a mom or dad?
12. When do you feel misunderstood by your parents?
13. If you could have any 3 wishes granted, what would they be?
14. If you could know something about your future, what would it be?
15. What is your happiest memory?
16. Do you know someone who is going through a hard time? How can you help them?
17. If you could change your name, would you want to and what name would you choose instead?
18. If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?
19. Who is the kindest person you know? Why?
20. What do you do when people don’t seem to like you?
21. When is the last time someone hurt your feelings? How did you react?
22. What’s something that makes you angry?
23. If you could keep only one thing, out of everything you have, what would it be?
24. What is the scariest thing that happened this year?
25. If you could have one wish, what would it be?

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Hilarious Questions To Ask Kids About Their Family

1. How old is mom/dad?
2. What does mom/dad do for work?
3. What is mom/dad’s favorite food?
4. What is mom/dad’s favorite color?
5. What do you think you will remember the most about mom/dad when you’re all grown up?
6. How tall is your mom/dad?
7. What time does your mom/dad wake in the morning?
8. If you could do something like your Dad/Mom do, what would you want to be able to do?
9. What is something mom/dad always says to you?
10. What is something mom/dad is really good at?
11. What is something mom/dad is NOT good at?
12. What do you love doing with your mom/dad the most?
13. If mom/dad were a character in a book/movie, who would he/she be and why?
14. When are you most proud of your mom/dad?
15. How are you and your mom/dad the same?
16. How are you and your mom/dad different?
17. If we had an airplane to take us on vacation right now, where would you want to go as a family?
18. If mom/dad had one million dollars, what would he/she do with the money?
19. What is the most important thing your mom/dad has taught you?
20. What is something you wish your mom/dad would teach you?
21. What is something you never thought you could tell me but maybe want to tell me now?
22. If you could tell your mom/dad anything, what would you want them to know?
23. What is your favorite memory with your mom/dad?
24. What is your favorite gift your mom/dad has given you and why?
25. Is there anything you have always wanted to ask me but didn’t? Do you want to ask me now?

Questions To Ask When You Want To Help Your Child Laugh

1. What is the funniest word you know?
2. If you built a house when you grew up, what would your house look like?
3. If the story of YOU became a movie, how would the movie end?
4. How many kids are you going to have when you’re older?
5. What rule will you have as an adult for your home?
6. Do you ever think about renaming the colors of your crayons?
7. If you could give $100 to a charity, which would you choose?
8. If you could grow anything in the yard, what would it be?
9. If you drew everything that came to your head, what would you be drawing right now?
10. What’s the funniest thing you saw today/this week?
11. What animal would make a great driver?
12. You’re a photographer for a day, what would you take pictures of?
13. If you had a pet unicorn, what would you name it?
14. If you wrote a book, what would you name the main character and where would he go?
15. Pretend you’re a chef and tell me about your restaurant. What foods do you serve?
16. If you opened a store, what would you sell?
17. How would you design a treehouse?
18. If you could design a t-shirt, what would you draw or write on it?
19. If you joined the circus, what would your circus act be?
20. If you had to give everyone in the family new names, what would they be?
21. Do you have any inventions in your brain?
22. If all your clothes could only be one color, what color would you choose?
23. If you designed clothes, what would they look like?
24. What character makes you laugh the most?
25. If you could have any animal in the world as a pet, where would you go to get it and what would it be?

Questions To Ask Your Child To Forge Your Bond

1. If you could trade lives with anyone for a day who would it be and why?
2. If your plane was about to crash& who would you want sitting ne8t to you?
3. What is one food you wouldn’t want to give up?
4. If you had access to a time machine where and when would you go?
5. What’s your favorite memory of us?
6. If you were stranded on a tropical island what 2 things would you want with you?
7. If you woke up and could plan the “perfect day”, what would you do that day?
8. What is the first thing you think of when you walk into our home?
9.  If you could change one thing about your looks what would it be?
10. What do you love the most about your brother or sister?
11. If you could be any flavor of ice cream what ice cream flavor would you be and why?
12. What do you wish we would do differently as a family?
13. Tell me something about you that you think I might not know.
14. If you could paint anything what would you paint?
15. What is the first thing you notice about someone when you first meet?
16. When you’re having a bad day, who or what helps you to feel better?
17. What would you do with 15 minutes of fame?
18. What is one thing that annoys you the most?
19. What compliment do people give you the most?
20. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever eaten (besides your mom/dads cooking)?
21. If you could win any award what would it be and why?
22. What has been the best day of your life?
23. What has been the worst day of your life?
24. What could mom/dad do to be a better parent for you?
25. What would you do if you made the rules at home?

I love having these questions within arms reach to ask my children. It’s hard to remember all 200 questions, which is why saved this post to my bookmark favorites.

There are times when I worry that the looming silence might return. I fear those awkward moments of silence again but with these questions, they haven’t happened.

NOW IT’S YOUR TURN: Grab even more conversation questions with our FREE PDF below and start having the friendship with your family you truly crave.

My kids LOVE answering these questions! If you're searching for valuable questions to ask your children, grow your relationship, and strengthen your bond together, then you'll love this list. Keep reading to find your favorite! #questions #questionsforkids #familytime #kids #relationships
With these kid questions, I never have to worry about finding the perfect conversation starter. These questions are fun, hilarious, and strengthen the friendship my child and I have together. #kids #questions #conversationstarters #familytime
I love this list of conversation starter questions for my kids. I never have to worry about awkward silence. These questions are perfect for understanding your child's heart. #familytime #children #loveathome
Are you asking your kid these conversation questions? These questions are perfect to jumpstart any hilarious and fun conversation. Find your favorite. #family #parenting #parentingtips #kids
If you want to understand your child's heart you need to ask the right questions. This list is proven to strengthen your relationship with your children by having genuine conversations. This list is perfect for kids of any age. Come find your favorite. #conversation #strengthenfamily #family #familytime


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