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5 Fun Children’s Halloween Books (a Must Read List)


My children love attending story time at our local library every Friday morning. Recently, they looked through our little library for Halloween books and they found a ton!

Originally, they wanted to take home their weight in books plus a few more. They managed to take home what they could carry and this list is their (and my) top favorite Halloween reading list.

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These books are adorable, creative, and have so many learning opportunities, especially for younger children. They can learn and fine-tune their skills in counting, reading, rhyming, and patterns.

5 Fun Children’s Halloween Books

1. Boo! Haiku by Deanna Caswell and Bob Shea

Deanna Caswell does a wonderful job at sharing the magic of Halloween alongside educating children to the world of poetry.

The graphics by Shea are well done and very kid-friendly. In case your children wonder what a haiku is, there is a brief educational guide for parents to read so they better understand the format of the book. “Boo! Haiku” is published by Abrams Appleseed in 2016.

2. Queen of Halloween by Mary Engelbreit

Mary Engelbreit enchants children once again with her creative illustrations. This story follows Ann Estelle and her friend, Michael who go in search of candy and Halloween fun.

This book discusses the importance of parents escorting their children due to safety reasons on this busy night. At one part in the book, Ann Estelle’s father reminds her that Halloween is “pretend” and there is nothing to be afraid of.

Ann and Michael also have the opportunity to overcome their fears and find the courage needed to be brave. “Queen of Halloween” is published by HarperCollins in 2008.

3. Halloween Good Night by Doug Cushman

“Halloween Good Night” is a great book to teach children how to say “good night” in 21 languages, including Ghost, Skeleton, Werewolf, along with Dutch, French, Greek, Hebrew, and Russian (to name a few).

Children will love each of the creatures and their parents as the little ones are tucked in for bed. Cushman has illustrated more than a hundred books. This book is sure to please children of all ages.

“Halloween Good Night” is published by Henry Holt and Company in 2010.

4. It’s Halloween Night! by Jennifer O’Connell and Jennifer Morris

“It’s Halloween Night!” is my children’s absolute favorite Halloween book this year. They love the adorable illustrations by the talented Jennifer Morris, along with opportunities to guess what costume the next child will be wearing.

The rhyming through this book is set in a sing-song rhyme and your children will say the words right along with you (mine did!). “It’s Halloween Night!” is published by Scholastic Inc in 2012.

5. Five Little Pumpkins by Tiger Tales and Ben Mantle

This copy of the “Five Little Pumpkins” is a board book and there are several renditions of this Halloween classic available. What I love most about “Five Little Pumpkins” is the fun children have as they count along to the story.

Ben Mantle does outstanding work with making the pumpkins and other illustrations kid-friendly and happy. Your children will also love counting up from one to five with you as you read to them this Halloween classic. T

his version of  “Five Little Pumpkins” is published by Tiger Tales in 2010.

Please feel free to leave a comment and let us know the titles of your favorite children’s Halloween books. Happy Halloween!


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  1. Great list! My kids also love “Where Is Baby’s Pumpkin” (baby through preschoolers are the target age range).

    1. I will have to look your book up! My little ones are in that age range. Thank you for your suggestion.

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