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Keeping Your Faith in God When Life is Falling Apart


You don’t have to lose your faith in God, even when life is falling apart. Keeping your faith in God strong is possible as you come closer to Christ.

You don't have to lose your faith in God, even when life is falling apart. Keeping your faith in God strong is possible as you come closer to Christ. Keep reading to learn how this is possible. #faith #God #JesusChrist

It’s no mystery that life was never meant to be easy.

There are peaks of happiness and prosperity as well as valleys of trial and sadness.

The only difference in our journey is our feelings and attitude towards God. Are you keeping your faith in God, especially in those moments when life is falling apart?

I was 10 years-old when I had my first major surgery. The doctors found that fluid had built up around my lungs and they discussed with me the possibility of having to insert a needle to remove this liquid.

My young mind couldn’t take any more needles, tubes, medicine, doctors, or nurses. I knew I would be in that hospital for several more weeks as well.

I laid back down in my hospital bed that night and I remember crying out in prayer.

Keeping Your Faith in God When Life is Falling Apart

Not everyone has dramatic life experiences where our faith is tried and tested. Often, it’s in our daily choices and interactions with God and others that you ultimately decide how to grow your faith.

Major life events, such as the passing of a loved one, nurturing a broken heart from someone you love (whether this is a spouse, child, or a friend), or having to watch someone you love suffer beyond belief.

In all these moments, great and small, you are left to decide HOW you will keep your faith in God, and IF you will continue to grow closer to Him.

2 Kings 6 is a chapter I often refer to because of the important lesson Elisha teaches to us (and to his servant).

Elisha’s been helping the king win the war against Syria. One morning, the servant of Elisha wakes up and see’s the Syrian army surrounding Elisa with horses and chariots.

Syria wasn’t joking around, they were mad.

And Elisa’s servant was really worried and asked Elisha what they should do. Elisha responds,

“Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them.” (2 Kings 6:16, KJV).

Elisha continues his prayer and the servant’s eyes are open. He saw a mountain full of horses and chariots of fire around them. Sent for their protection and aid against Syria.

Do you think God will do the same for us? Will He send us help in our time of suffering and great need?


“In the gospel of Jesus Christ, you have help from both sides of the veil. When disappointment and discouragement strike – and they will – you must remember and never forget that if our eyes could be opened we would see horses and chariots of fire as far as the eye can see riding at reckless speed to come to our protection.” – Elder Jeffrey R. Holland.

In my prayer, as I laid on that cold hospital bed, I asked God to remove the liquid so I wouldn’t have to worry about another needle. I remember expressing to Him that I knew this was something He could do.

I cried my young self to sleep that night holding onto the hope that God would provide a miracle for me because I knew this wouldn’t be hard for Him.

The next morning another x-ray was taken and the liquid around my lungs had subsided. The doctors and nurses were left amazed and couldn’t give an explanation, but I knew why.

I know not every story has a happy ending. For me, even though the liquid was removed by God’s hand, He still had me experience my surgery, pain, therapy, and I still had to suffer.

Our Father in Heaven asks us to suffer and experience pain in our trials, just as He asked His perfect Son to die for us.

Christ, who is the Father’s only perfect child never deserved to suffer or die. But in his suffering and death, we learn the greatest lesson about maintaining and keeping our faith strong in God. The lesson of love.

Christ has a love for His Father, so the Savior completed his mission in life.

Christ has a love for us, so he willingly died that we might have the opportunity to repent and return back to the Father.

Our Father in Heaven loves us enough to send his imperfect children His perfect Son.

Everything Christ and the Father does, everything they teach, everything they want us to learn, know, and do, comes back to love.

When we begin to learn to love not only others but them as well, we begin to see our trials through new eyes.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that God loves you so much, He’s giving you the opportunity to experience hard times so you can learn more about Him and His Son?

I know the only way to come closer to God in our trials is by placing faith in His plan for us and by staying strong in our faith.

You want to reach heavenward, not inward.

For when we reach heavenward, our Father in Heaven will be able to send you the blessings and miracles you need in your moment of hour. Just as He sent Christ an angel to strengthen him in his moment of great suffering.


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