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5 Remarkable Reasons Why You Matter to Christ

I know there are some days when you don’t feel like you’re measuring up. The kids are fighting, the dishes are nearly a mile high, and your to-do list seems to grow faster than what you can keep up. Not to mention relationships to invest in, the constant feeling to be more than what you are, and the ever looming feeling of not being good enough.

Even when life seems to be beating on you, always remember that you matter to Christ. These 5 ways are proven and will show you how and why you matter. Read these 5 ways why you matter, #4 will change your thinking. Click to read.

I have something to say upon this matter.

For all of your insecurities, imperfections, and questions, you do matter.

It can often be said that we do not see the good we do for others. This is because we don’t have their “eyes” – we don’t see how they see us. We see ourselves as what we think we are. Yet, if we begin to see ourselves through their eyes, or God’s eyes, we will begin to see someone worthwhile and wonderful.

5 Remarkable Reasons Why You Matter to Christ

1. You Matter to Him

You matter to Christ. No strings attached, plain and simple. He loves you the way you are. He cares more about what you are becoming, striving to be, and where you are going than what you have been and where you have come from.

2. He Loved You First

 In 1 John 4:19 is one of the most simple but powerful verses. It reads:

“We love him, because he first loved us.”

Christ loves you, and because he loves you he was willing to come to Earth and suffer for your sins and die for you on the cross. He knows your deepest pains and knows how to heal your deepest wounds. Following his path will not be easy, but if you put your faith and trust in him, he can and will heal you.

3. Your Potential

Your potential expands past this moment, even this life. Your potential is eternal. Christ does not work with perfection, on the contrary. He is a perfect being working with imperfect people (you and me).

He wants us to trust in him, trust in his plan for us, and in what he can make out of us. If you put your trust and faith in him, he will make far more out of you and your life than your wildest dreams can imagine.

4. Your Happily Ever After

Christ wants you to be happy, in this life and in the eternities. It’s wonderful to know that God cares about you and loves you. You happily ever after might not be what you think it should include.

Your mansion might not come until the next life, but God always keeps his promises. Every tear of sorrow will be made into a thousand tears of joy during the glorious resurrection morning.

If you are faithful to him, he will bless us you.

5. Your Example

Your example can be the only example that can touch a certain life. Because you matter to Christ, if you are willing, he will use your good example to further his cause. You will be an instrument in his hands for bringing about a grand and beautiful plan in the lives of so many others. These lives might be within your own family, community, nation, or world.

As you reflect upon the ways that you matter to Christ always remember his never-failing love for you. He can become your best friend. He loves you, and I promise he will never fail nor abandon you.

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