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Why Joining a Church Will Help Strengthen Your Marriage

Do you want to strengthen your marriage and find greater happiness with your husband? Joining a church will help strengthen your marriage, increase your marital happiness, and bring you closer to your spouse. How will your marriage grow?

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You never plan on marrying your sweetheart in the hopes of ending your relationship in bitter divorce. This isn’t the fairytale dreams-do-come-true kind of life we each secretly want.

You marry because you believe in something greater than yourself.

But, as many young newlyweds quickly learn, happiness in marriage isn’t automatically given or felt. The relationship with your spouse is a friendship and devotion you strive to grow and strengthen on a daily basis.

When you take the time to learn more about your spouse, serve them, and help them your marriage will grow. And your spouse has the same responsibility and calling to help you, as well.

When my husband and I began dating there was a foundation of happiness and love present. We both enjoyed each others company and friendship. There were days of laughter and all the wonderful parts that comes with courtship.

But we both knew there needed to be something more. We knew our marriage could not be based on the “fun times” because those moments are so fleeting.

Questions of what will happen to our relationship when a baby comes into our home or what will happen when the difficult trials of life come upon us, whether we feel like our marriage is failing or there is mental illness?

What then?

There needs to be a foundation greater than what you and your spouse can bring into the relationship. This is why joining a church will help strengthen your marriage, increase your happiness, and help you two continue to grow closer together throughout the adventures of life.

Why Joining A Church Will Help Strengthen Your Marriage

Spiritual Foundation Together

Marriage is hard because you invite your best friend to experience your worst moments with you by your side. And eventually, these moments take a toll on even the best of us.

There have been times in my marriage when my husband and I had no idea what would happen to our relationship or current circumstance. We didn’t know where our next meal would come from, if we would have money to pay the rent, or why we both felt so good after a prayerful choice was made only to find ourselves in a worse situation.

I understand the easiest thing would have been for both of us to shake hands, part ways, tell each other, “I’m glad we tried but I’m sorry it didn’t work out. You’re still a great person though and I wish you the best.”

We didn’t give up on each other or our marriage.

Too often our young generation thinks that if something is broken then it must be thrown out. They don’t take the time to really wait, to study and observe what needs to be done.

Attending and joining a church with your spouse provides both with the spiritual support and nourishment that can’t be found through any other means.

When a husband attends church, he is able to find fulfillment and support in his role as provider and protector of his family. He needs to feel and be useful.

As a wife attends, she is able to support her husband in his role of presiding over their family while she grows her faith and relationship with God.

Together, both husband and wife come together during their best moments and worst trials to rely on their faith in Christ knowing that they will have God’s help and hand in their lives.

Build Lasting Happiness In Your Family

When a couple chooses to attend church together, there is a foundation that begins to form. As you continue to attend church and grow your faith, there is a happiness that comes into your relationship and family life as well.

You set the stage and standard for your children’s future, including how they see marriage.

As a young child and into my teenage years, I remember my parents fighting a lot. When they were kind and happy together, I cherished those rare moments.

But when trials came, instead of relying on their faith and each other they lashed out in anger. It came to a moment when I remember confiding in my mom that I didn’t want to get married because I didn’t want to be miserable like them.

And the only response my parents could give me was, “Well, Micah, marriage is hard.”

My parents are still married and they definitely fight less now that the stresses of kids and money aren’t heavily present as they once were, but the experiences of their marriage continue to have a lasting impact on their children.

When your happiness and trust in your spouse is based together on your faith in God, there comes into your home a measure and spirit of peace that cannot be found any other place.

There have been times when my husband and I have been worried sick about certain trials but we know who we put our trust in, and God has never let us down.

We work as if everything depends on us and we pray as if everything depends on the Lord.

And because of this knowledge, we are able to maintain and continually grow in happiness within our marriage.

Intimate Time of Praying Together

If you want to grow closer to your spouse be intimate together.

The intimacy I’m referring to today is the intimate time of praying together.

When you take time together to pray you allow yourself to be heard and communicate your worries, desires, fears, and hopes.

You’re able to open up to God and your eternal sweetheart in a way you share with only these two and no one else. There is an emotional intimacy that grows together knowing your both on the same team and want the same outcome: to have a successful marriage of joy, happiness, and love.

When to pray doesn’t necessarily matter. If you have the opportunity to pray both morning and night together, then I strongly encourage you to do so. Praying with your spouse is a fantastic way to start and finish the day together.

But don’t feel terrible if you’re only able to pray once a day together. My husband used to work crazy hours before attending school and sometimes an evening prayer (or morning) was all we were able to do. (And that’s okay).

As you focus on growing together in Christ, building your spiritual foundation, enjoy being happy and securing your marriage, and look forward to the intimate time of praying together, you will continue to strengthen your marriage.

How has your marriage been strengthened by attending church with your spouse? Share with us in the comments below!

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  1. Emily

    Totally agree! Church is a great way to find support and help for your family. It is definitely an encouraging thing to do. Keeping God at the center is so key and being around others with like-minded thinking helps out a lot.

    1. Thank you so much, Emily. It’s so important in a society that’s drifting further from the family that we take the time (and sacrifice) to strengthen our own family unit. Have a great day, friend.

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